Insadong Korea Town @Resort World Sentosa

Craving for nice Korean food?
Then here is one great place where you can find an assortment of over 200 types of authentic Korean, Korean-­Chinese, Korean-­Western, Korean-­Japanese cuisine and a variety of street food!

At Insadong Korea Town @Resort World Sentosa, you can savour the best authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting. 

Upon entering Insadong Korea Town, you will see this kiosks standing at the entrance area!

So this is where you order your food. It is really easy to order and it comes with 3 different languages (English, Chinese and Korean). After selecting, confirming and making payment to your order, you will be issued a receipt which tell you which counter to collect your food. You may also choose to order through their staff stationed at the counter beside.

With your receipt, you may then proceed to collect your food at the respective counter.

The counters are all on the right in this photo.

For the first time in Singapore, you can look forward to dining in a setting, which is a replica of the famous Insadong Korea Street, one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional cuisine, culture and crafts. 

With experienced chefs specialising in authentic Korean recipes brought in from Korea, and food supplies air flown direct from Korea, no wonder the food tasted so yummy.

You may also choose to sit outdoor too.

 Insadong Korea Town presents a unique dining experience for anyone expecting the best from the Korean culture. Savour the best authentic Korean food in Korean traditional setting.

1st up!!!
Toppoki (KoreanRiceCake)
Chewy and tasty!

 Kimchi Pancake
It can be great hearty snack, an appetizer, or a side dish.

 Ginseng Chicken Soup
Wonderful herby taste! Heavenly!

 Xiao Long Bao in Kimchi Soup
This is a great combi! Cause I love Xiao Long Bao and Kimchi!

 Beef Bulgogi Baked Rice
This is so tasty and I bet a lot of Singaporean will like this cheesy baked rice!

 Mushroom Beef Bulgogi Hotpot
This is a MUST HAVE when you come to Insadong Korea Town!

The portion is really huge and can be shared with 4 pax.

We are so honour to have Chef Emily, Oh Myoung Suk helping us to cook.

See the hotpot is going to be ready in no time!

Wooo... Yum yum!

 Watermelon Soju
Other than Chicken Up that sell Watermelon Soju, over here at Insadong Korea Town you can also find Watermelon Soju. It is cheaper here and the watermelon is bigger and tasted sweeter too! Love it!!!

 Cheers to the new year everyone!!!

Just before you leave the restaurant, remember to treat yourself to the MUST TRY Jcone!!!
Wishing everyone a Joyous New Year!!!

Insadong Korea Town 
Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway,
Singapore 098138 
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily) 
Tel No.: 6238 8221 

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