Goodbye Contact Lens & Glasses!

After 20 over years of wearing glasses and contact lens, I finally made the decision to correct my vision by having a ReLEx® SMILE Laser Vision Correction Surgery. ReLEx® SMILE is one of the latest vision correction procedure which promises less post-operative discomfort and fewer side effects.

During the day of my procedure, I was not really feeling scared but more towards excited, and looking forward to have clear vision again.

That was me during my primary school day with my super ugly oval shaped and golden metal framed glasses. Everything went smoothly and faster than I expected. 

Most of the time during the surgery, the doctor was talking to me and making me feel at ease. That's me when I was still wearing glasses reading my daily newspapers in the morning.

Yes, I agreed that nowadays the design of the glasses may be nicer and people wear them as a fashion statement. But on a side note, even if it may be fashionable, you will not like to wear them long hours.

Yes, I agree that many people nowadays wear glasses as a fashion accessory. But on a side note, even if it may be fashionable, it is uncomfortable wearing them for the whole day.

Some of the reasons why I don't like wearing glasses:

1. They fog up when I leave an air conditioned bus. 
2. That embarrassing moment when you have to take off your glasses when you are drinking a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of hot soup. 
3. I can’t see when I swim unless I have a prescription swim goggles 
4. I have to have a second set of glasses as prescription sunglasses. 
5. I have to push them up all the time, as they slip down my nose. 
6. I can’t workout (Running, push-ups, etc) without them constantly slipping and shifting. 
7. I get sore spots behind my ears from ill-fitting glasses. 
8. I have to take them off whenever I wash my face. 
9. Sometimes, I have to turn my head to be able to see as the frame of the glasses may restrict part of my vision.
10. They leave red marks on the bridge of my nose caused by prolonged wearing of glasses.

 What about Contact Lenses?

I started wearing contact lenses when I was in Secondary School. Back then it was very popular to wear coloured contact lenses, I even tried blue and grey contact lenses before. Why I don't like wearing contact lens are because:

1. Especially when you are rushing for work and you have problem putting the lens on.
2. Frequent eye infection, then redness in eye while wearing contact lens.
3. Staying overnight somewhere and forgetting to bring your lenses case.
4. Worse, staying out and you realised the solution is used up and you end up resorting to use water to replace (Warning, don't follow what I did).
5. When you realised one of your soft contact lenses tore while you’re out, so you have to walk around with blurred vision.
6. Occasionally it get lost or trapped behind the eye (panic!).
7. Accidentally fall asleep with contact lenses still on and waking up to them being stuck to your eyeballs.
8. Putting them in and accidentally poking yourself in the eye. Ouch!
9. Going into the water or pool and you can't open your eyes as you are too afraid the lens might fall out.
10. Sometimes you may rub your eyes due to itchiness and your lenses fall out and drop on to the floor and you have a hard time finding and picking up from the floor.
11. I spend a lot of money on contact lenses and solutions every month.

I'm so thankful now I can be totally free from wearing glasses and contact lenses.
I can now jump into the water or pool for my swim anytime and not worry about getting my glasses wet or my contact lenses coming off again.

I no longer have to buy contact lenses or replace my new spectacle frames whenever it breaks.
If you come to think, all this accumulated cost are eventually going to be more than what I spent on my ReLEx SMILE Surgery.

The entire ReLEx® SMILE procedure is fast, taking less than 15 minutes and uses low energy levels.
In general, ReLEx® SMILE has minimal post-operative discomfort as only a micro incision is made on the corneal surface. Visual recovery is good, usually recovering in the first few weeks. ReLEx® SMILE is better suited for people with dry eyes as less corneal nerves are affected during the treatment.

For more information on ReLEx® SMILE, please click here.

ReLEx SMILE Advantages 
Next Generation of Laser Vision Correction

No LASIK-like flap
No flap complications such as displacement and dislodgement.

Preserving upper corneal structure
As no corneal flap is created, the upper corneal structure remains practically untouched. Therefore the structural stability of the cornea will be largely unaffected.

Less post surgery dry-eye discomfort
Reduced post-operative discomfort from dry eyes, as the majority of the upper corneal structure remains untouched during treatment.

Night vision
Less induction of optical aberrations as no corneal flap is created.

Smaller incision
Compared to LASIK, the incision is up to 80% smaller. Previously an incision of roughly 20 mm had to be created, whereas a small incision of less than 4 mm is now sufficient. This is also why the recovery time is also much shorter.
Photo Credits: Lasik in Mumbai

My #ReLExSMILEjourney

First I went for my pre-evaluation check-up at @LasikParagon, Level 13. It consisted of many eyes tests to check my eyes thoroughly, making sure I was suitable for the surgery. After the test, I was told to wait to see the doctor together with my eye test results (The doctor will then determine if you are suitable for the surgery).

For my case, doctor told me I was suitable for the ReLEx Smile Refractive Surgery Treatment. I was told that ReLEx Smile is the next generation of laser vision correction surgery that uses only one femtosecond laser for the entire procedure.

The surgery can also be done on the same day if you are suitable for it. For my case, I had them on 2 different days due to my schedule. After the procedure, your eyes would be temporarily dry and sensitive to light as it is part of the healing process. So please put on your sunglasses when you go out for the first few weeks as your eyes might be a little sensitive to the sun.

The next day after my surgery, I found that my vision was clearer and recovered pretty fast. I was able to go about my usual activities as normal after my first review after the surgery.

I say this is goodbye to glasses and no more ouch to contact lens! Yeah!!!

I say this is goodbye #OuchContactLens #NoMoreGlasses! Yeah!!!
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