Recently attended the '50 SHADES OF PLAY' PLAYBOY SINGAPORE LAUNCH PARTY held at Suite 26 @ South Beach Quarter with Shaun, it was definitely the sexiest party of the year. The strong message that Playboy Singapore want to bring across through the party is "Play Hard, Play Safe, Play Boy"!

Thank you Playboy Singapore for having me at the party! 
The Playboy Bunnies were all so beautiful and friendly at the event!            
Something to share...  In 2010, Playboy which is headquartered out of Beverly Hills, California launched their condoms and lubricants range. The Rabbit Head Logo is one of the top 20 brands in the world and ranked amongst giants such as Nike, Disney and Mcdonalds. Playboy condoms represent a lifestyle symbolic of romance, Sophistication and is backed by premium quality materials.

Playboy Condoms are sold in 54 countries across the globe

• Malaysia • Thailand • Vietnam • Philippines • Korea  

North America
 • Canada • USA

Middle East
• UAE • Lebanon • Israel

• France • Portugal • Germany • UK • Norway • Finland • Sweden • Denmark • Iceland • Poland • Hungary • Czech Rep • Austria • Slovakia • Estonia • Kazakhstan • Lithuania • Latvia • Romania • Ukraine • Uzbekistan • Moldova • Canada • United States • Jamaica • Bolivia • Barbados • Grenada • St. Lucia

Central & South America
• Antigua • Belize • Bermuda • Bonaire • Virgin Islands • Cayman Islands • Haiti • Montserrat • St.Kitts • St.Maarten • St.Vincent • Colombia • Brazil • Paraguay • Chile

They are currently available for sale at
•  Watsons
•  Red Mart
•  Buzz Hao
•  Mart
•  Guardian

And now Playboy condoms and lubricants has launched in Singapore!

Introducing the most premium line of condoms on the market!
They are sleek, sexy, bold, iconic and premium.

The Ultimate Sensation

The Lubricated Classic

The Studded Pleasure

The Ultra Thin

Introducing the most premium line of lubricants on the market!
100% custom designed bottle and packaging, truely symbolic of the brand.
It is made in Europe using the high quality ingredients (all paraben free).

There are five sexy styles based on internationally best selling SKU'S. 

The Playboy product packaging and the look certainly stand out among the other brands available in the market. I like the fact that it is more 'sexy' for men to carry rather than the usual 'clinical' boring looking package. 

For more updates and information, check out their https://www.facebook.com/Playb0ySG.



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