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Are you always in your comfort zone and refuse to step out? Sometimes the uncomfortable things in life are there to teach us lessons.

I recently watched this video of Daniel Fuchs – a fashion blogger from Dusseldorf, Germany, who has a passion for fitness. He was taken out from his comfort zone and given a new fitness regime.
Daniel's Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jmQatD
Daniel's Blog: http://bit.ly/2jmVu0p

He was invited to  try out a new type of fitness to him in OkinawaOkinawa is the most Southern point of Japan that is made up of hundreds of islands. Its people are known for their longevity due to their diet, exercise and positive outlook on life.

Okinawa is the birthplace of modern karate and through this video you will get to follow Daniel and learn more about Karate with him.

In the video, there was a tree which the Okinawan people respect because of it's endurance and inspired them to live a grounded life.

The philosophy of Karate is not about attacking, it's about defending.

The Karate Sensei shared the secret to wellbeing and fitness is to be persistent with your training. Many of a time, people choose not to exercise is that “They don't have the time to exercise" but when they have time to watch a movie or play their mobile games.

It was so heartwarming that the Sensei even prepared Daniel a meal after his training. The green vegetables dish you see on the table is Goya- Okinawan vegetables which was said to gives stamina. I can tell that Daniel really enjoyed the meal and I will definitely try eating Goya when I visit Okinawa.

"Once you develop through your training and skills, your mind also develops", said the Sensei.

The Okinawa meal sure looked great! According to the video, this was not something they have everyday but only on celebratory occasions.

During the stay in Okinawa, Daniel also witnessed and participated in the local festival activities. Okinawa is said to offer as many kinds of performing arts as its number of islands. Traditional festivals are associated with specific seasons in Okinawa, where traditions and customs are deeply ingrained in people’s lives.

Find out more of the Okinawa's event here.

For those who love snorkeling, there are many beautiful shallow reefs with an abundance of fish and aquatic life easily visible from the surface in Okinawa.

There are just so many activities to do in Okinawa. If you like kayaking, there are many rivers over-covered with mangroves like a tropical jungle in Okinawa.

Watch the full video:

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This post has been presented by Okinawa Prefecture but all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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