Hospoda Microbrewery: 1 for 1 promotion

Meaning “pub” in Czech, Hospoda is the first and only Czech microbrewery in Singapore. It imports all its ingredients (with the exception of water) from the Czech Republic and brews its beer right on the premises, about once every fortnight, in the method that its original Czech owners taught.

Though the owners adjusted the beers’ taste to suit the local palate, the beers served still retain its distinctive taste that sets out Czech beers from their European cousins. 

On the balmy Tuesday night, we sampled four beers, which were:

1. Bohemian Pilsner (250 ml: $10; 500 ml: $14; jug: $28) – A light, slightly cloudy and hay-coloured beer that’s smooth and crisp, with a floral and hoppy aroma.
2. Bohemian Mix (250 ml: $12; 500 ml: $16; jug: $30) – A 50-50 mix of their pilsner and dark lager. One starts light and the flavour becomes increasingly complex, with notes of coffee, as you reach the dark lager at the bottom of the glass. 
3. Bohemian Dark Lager (250 ml: $11; 500 ml: $15; jug: $29) – An immensely malty, aromatic brew redolent of Chinese herbs. 
4. Pilsner Urquell ($10/$14) – Said to be the world’s first pilsner, with strong honey notes and a hoppy aftertaste. Easily my favourite drink of the night that goes smoothly with the food served in the pub.

We also sampled two main courses which were the Hospoda Burger with fries ($12) with the house special siracha mayonnaise sauce (A creation of the pub’s owner) and BBQ Chicken Chop with fries and salad ($12). 

Both main courses were cooked with an air-fryer which retains the taste and flavour of the food but does not leave an oily aftertaste in conventionally fried items. This gave us room to indulge in more of the beer without much guilt.

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Hospoda Microbrewery

180 Albert St #01-19 Singapore 189971

Albert St, Singapore 189971
Opening hours: 5pm-11:30pm | Facebook



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