Valentine Day Bouquet Promotion 2017

Valentine's day falls on 14 Feb (next Tues)! 

During this period, some people will bring their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant while others may choose this day to confess their love or propose or get married. 

Sending greeting cards maybe old fashion bur some people still do.
Most people will buy chocolates, jewelry or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on this special day. 

Valentine's day is also a time to appreciate friends.

If you are planning to buy flowers and not sure how many stalks to get?
Here are the different meaning!

Meaning Of The Number Of Flower 
1 Stalk The only one / Love at first sight
2 Stalk Love heart to heart / Love each other / Only you and me
3 Stalk I Love You
4 Stalk I promise / Untll dealth I'll love you
5 Stalk Unregretable
6 Stalk Bon Voyage
7 Stalk Nice Meeting You / Secretly in love with you
8 Stalk Wealth & Prosperity / Thanks for you support
9 Stalk Eternal Companionship
10 Stalk Great Happiness / Down to the Root / Perfect Love
11 Stalk There is only you in my heart
12 Stalk All of my utmost love
13 Stalk Secret Admirer / Friendship forever
15 Stalk Forgive me
16 Stalk Bon Voyage / Sweet sixteen
18 Stalk Stay young & beautiful / Wealth & Prosperity/Trueness
19 Stalk Forever Love / Waiting for you
20 Stalk Next life I'll still love you / From the bottom of my heart
22 Stalk Both of us together / Good luck to you
24 Stalk Missing you always
25 Stalk Wish you happy
27 Stalk I love my wife
29 Stalk Love you forever
30 Stalk Lost for word / It's faith
33 Stalk Three times reincarnation / Announce to the whole world that I love you
36 Stalk Because of you / Romance
44 Stalk Till death do us part
50 Stalk Unregretable Love
51 Stalk Only you on my mind
56 Stalk I love
66 Stalk Unlimited Love
77 Stalk I believe it's faith to meet you
88 Stalk I feel sorry from the bottom of my heart
99 Stalk Till the end of the world / Forever in Love
100 Stalk Perfect Knot / 100% love
101 Stalk Eternity Love / I love you the most
108 Stalk Proposing
111 Stalk Infinite Love
365 Stalk Missing you Everyday
999 Stalk Infinite Love
1000 Stalk Love you ten thousand years


Rocher Rose
Description: 1 Rocher Rose (Red, Black, Purple, Pink, White, Maroon)

Price: $2

*For Bulk orders, there will be a Special Rate!
Great for your company event, promotional event or even Dinner and Dance (Door Gift)

"Only Love You" Wand
Description: 1 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate with a bear 

Price: $6

Be old together with you 
Description: 20 Handmade Foam Roses with 2 bears 

Price: $38

I Love You 
Description: 3 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate with bear 

Price: $15

Happily Ever After 1
Description: 20 Handmade Foam Roses with 2 bears 

Price: $48

Happily Ever After 2
Description: 20 Handmade  Foam Roses with 2 bears 

Price: $48

12 Fresh Roses Bouquet 

Choice of colour:
(Red, pink, white, blue)

Price: $75

3 Handmade foam roses and bear

Choice of colour:
(Pink, Purple, Pink)

Price: $12

30 Fresh Roses Bouquet 

Choice of colour:
(Red, pink, white, blue)

Price: $180


Delivery Charges 
1) Delivery to One location 
- $20 (weekday), $25 (weekend) 

2) Self-Collection - (FREE) 
- Blk 514, Serangoon North Ave 4. 
- Bugis on 13-14 Feb 2014

Interested can Whatapps/ SMS 
to +65 96860495 to order!