Burger & Lobster - Lobster specially flown in directly from Nova scotia, Canada

Burger and Lobster founded in 2011 in the UK, has finally made its way to Sky Avenue Genting.  The outlet here is their first franchise in South East Asia. Every lobster served here is specially flown in directly from Nova scotia, Canada.


Please note that the price quoted above are in Ringgit. Genting Club members will be charged at a discounted rate at Burger and Lobster, so do sign up for the complimentary membership if you are planning a visit. 


The famous Lobster Rolls can be paired with 3 delicious sauces - The Chilli, The Original (Japanese mayo) and Seven Samurai (with Seven Spices Sauce). Served with
 roasted sweet brioche buns, crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy on the inside, the combination of the buttery bun with the fresh lobster meat was simply sublime. 
The generous portion of chilled lobster meat in each roll filled our mouths with every single bite. 

This dish is perfect for those who seek to enjoy the sweet, succulent lobster flesh without the fuss of removing the lobster from its shell. Don't forget to drizzle their famous lemon garlic butter sauce over the lobster roll, it complements the lobster roll perfectly. 

The lobster roll is an entire meal by itself, it comes with a side of salad and chips which you can use to mop up the remainder of their delectable sauce. 


If you are in the mood for some hearty red meat, Burger & Lobster serves 3 amazing burgers - The Mayfair (168g), The B&L Burger (168g burger topped with lobster) and The Original (224g). The 100% beef patties are imported from Australia. 

We ordered "The B&L Burger", 168g of perfectly grilled beef patty combined with fresh lobster and served with chips and salads. The beef patty was juicy and flavourful, the natural beefiness was enhanced by the lemon garlic butter sauce. Wrapped with the lobster and charcoal baked sesame seed brioche bun.


You will be spoilt for choice when deciding on the preparation style of your lobster. Choose between C
hili lobster (served with signature brioche), The Original and The Big Boys. Your Lobster will be prepared to your preference, either steamed or grilled. 

We chose to have our lobster grilled, as it enhances the aromatic meat with a much more intense, sweeter flavour compared to steamed lobster. The lobster meat was succulent and bursting with flavours, I loved how the meat has a slightly smoky flavour due to the nice char. Unfortunately, a part of the lobster was overcooked, but overall I still found the lobster meat to be fresh and tender.

Overall, I find the experience at Burger & Lobster worth the hype. Head down to Sky Avenue Genting Resort to taste the Canadian lobster for yourself. 

Sky Avenue Level 1 69000 Genting Highlands 

Opening Hrs 
Sun-Thurs 11.00-22.00
Fri-Sat 11.00-00.00



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