Movie Review: Get Out

So basically this movie is about Chris (a black man) heading over to his Girlfriend , rose (a white woman) hometown to visit her parents.

then rose's mum is a physiatrist, dad's a neurosurgeon. 
When they reach rose's house the parents acted quite accommodating at first, then as the weekend progress things got abit weird. 

He found out that rose's mum did hypnotise him at night! 
And he found out that the servant at rose's house were actually missing people and they got captured and "controlled" by the family. 

So he freak out and wanted to get out of the house and go back! 

But was stopped by the family. And he got capture! 

End up Rose's was in charge of Tricking guys to the house. 
Mum was in charge of hypnotising people! 

Dad in charge of operating the guy, like remove a part of the person brain and exchange it with some old person brain, so that the old person brain ( Soul )  can be in a younger body! 

It's quite a fucked up show actually! Like a lot of plot twist! Really abit hard for me to explain 😂

Then Chris just tried escaping, which he did managed to at the end! And kill everyone in the house!

It feels like a very human centipede show 😅



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