[Movie Review] Fabricated City

Movie Synopsis: 
Hardcore gamer Kwon Yu (JI Chang-wook) wastes his life away playing video games at internet cafes. But after he returns a lost phone, he is arrested and given life imprisonment for sexually assaulting and murdering a minor. With the help of his online team mates, he has a chance to clear his name. As they dig into his case, they uncover a massive plot and a shadowy organization that puts innocent people to prison on behalf of powerful men in the country.

 do I begin? The plot of the movie is reminiscent of familiar Hollywoods movies we have seen before, but the execution of this particular film is worth commending. An average Joe kind of guy gets framed for a heinous crime he did not commit, and sets out to clear his name, even if the price to pay is high. 

This film seems to be set beyond our current day, with high end cutting edge technology orchestrating the whole film. Besides being promised adrenaline-fueled action scenes in the trailer, there were some emotionally driven scenes which I felt that Ji Chang Wook's acting shone through. The comedic element in the movie is also commendable, drawing some laugh out loud moments from the audience. The movie starts on a high and ends on the same note, and I felt that the title of the movie was highly appropriate. The lies and stories are so well fabricated and planned out, that the line between reality and deception is blurred. 

Overall I enjoyed this movie more than I should have, and was thoroughly satisfied.

Rating: 8/10. 
Review written by Kieffer Tay. Follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/decipherkieffer/



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