Movie Review: Shock Wave

Special thanks to Clover Films for an invite to this exhilarating and heart pounding movie, starring Andy Lau as the bomb disposal expert who works with the Hong Kong Police Force. Here’s a movie that sets you thinking about your life’s work and how far you would go to fulfil your responsibilities. In the case of the protagonist, Cheung Choi-san (Andy Lau), he is certainly grateful that he is in a position to protect lives with his life.

Cheung is a fearless cop who draws admiration for his strong sense of righteousness and sacrificial actions, even to the point of risking his own life. Seven years ago, Cheung was an undercover cop and had successfully disintegrated a gang of robbers, which include a pair brothers, Blast and his younger brother, Biao. Biao was arrested and Blast, the prime criminal, felt betrayed. Seven years later, Blast is out for revenge, creating havoc on the streets and roads of Hong Kong with bomb threats and armed gang to hold hostage of hundreds of innocent lives trapped in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.

The tension of the movie builds up as negotiations between Cheung and Blast fell to the whims and fancies of Blast and all Cheung could do was to race against time to save the innocent, minimise the impact of the crisis and even to dispose an active grenade off his girlfriend, Carmen.

Watch how Cheung approaches each challenge tactfully and steadily as the time ticks away. Be stirred by the emotional and adrenaline-pumping scenes that resulted from the ruthless and rash acts of Blast, including the execution of 1000kg of C-4 explosives to blow up the Cross-Harbour Tunnel!

Worth the watch? Without a doubt!

Post written by Magdalene. Follow her on Instagram



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