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If you have grown weary from the blistering heat outdoors and from queuing for good food, you will probably be pleased to discover the mobile app HCook, which connects foodies to home chefs! You can now browse through thousands of dishes listed on HCook, ranging from sweet confectioneries like handmade macarons and cupcakes to hearty home-cooked meals like beef stew and chicken briyani. Those who have a talent in cooking or baking can also publicise about their proudest creations on the app to take orders and monetize their passion! Perfect platform for party planners, aspiring chefs and stay-at-home mothers.

During the media event, we were introduced to 10 of HCook’s home chefs. I was impressed by varieties and standard of homecooked meals available. Here are a handful of them, there’re so many more worth mentioning and you’ve just got to start 'HCooking' to find them out for yourselves!


Serving up a selection of nutritious, icy and flavoursome smoothies to boost your day. Perfect for a hot day, for athletes who wish to replenish themselves and for those who do not have time to make their own smoothie! If you are like me, baffled about the ingredients to make a cup of nourishing yet tasty smoothie, you can count on Lorcan, the founder of Protein’d. He knows exactly the right mix to create a rich, detoxing and refreshing drink! You will be able to find uniquely-crafted flavours and their respective nutrition information on HCook. Lorcan was a Business major and he has always dream of creating his own business. He sees the potential in the skyrocketing growth of e-commerce. By listing Protein’d on HCook, he is able to connect to his desired audience, the young, tech-savvy and health-driven.


I was not expecting to experience molecular gastronomy at the media tasting. Who would have thought something as advanced and exclusive like molecular gastronomy, which is usually found in modernist restaurants would be readily available at HCook? One of the dishes we have tried was the deconstructed Thai Milk Tea. Using reverse spherification technique, my favourite beverage was turned into a mouth-watering and sweet exotic dessert. It was interestingly prepared and the milk tea bubble bursts in the mouth, releasing the full flavour and aroma of the Thai milk tea. SUEC stands for ‘Sweet, unique, exclusive confectionery’ and it is definitely a place to go to when you are looking for something that impresses not just in taste but in the culinary science of preparing a dish. Jack, the man behind SUEC is a chef by profession and his passion lies in serving an innovative fusion menu with a twist to allow customers to discover traditional flavours from different cuisines re-imagined in semi fine dining style.

Wonder food

Craving for warm and fuzzy comfort food? Wonder food brings you some of the popular home-cooked dishes with a healthier touch! Executing her dishes with less oil, salt and a variety of colourful ingredients infused with multi-vitamins, Maylin improves upon traditional recipes and shares her joy of cooking for others. The beef stew was tender and served in umami-laden stew. The meat was well-simmered and disintegrates easily in the mouth. Find yourselves indulging in a bowl of rich and flavourful stew. Maylin started cooking when she was eight. Her inspiration to share healthy food with others was driven by her love for her father who was diagnosed with cancer years back. With HCook, she is able to juggle her time for family while making an income from her home kitchen.


Any notable celebration calls for a stunning cake and over at HCook, we have access to Korean-inspired bakes by Nanatang. Find an array of creative and delectable sweet treats ranging from buttercream floral cupcakes, fairyland floral wreath cake, cake pops to character cakes like unicorns. Perfect for birthday, anniversary or wedding parties. Drawing inspiration from Korean piping techniques, Serena creates floral designs that are more intricate and realistic. Serena has taken her baking passion full-time to continue sharpening her skills and keep up to changing trends in the culinary world.


Another of my new favourite is the American Pulled Pork Slider from Smoque. The meat was flavourful, tender, less greasy and absolutely fragrant. This palm sized burger is a great snack for birthday parties. These perfectly barbecued American Pulled Pork Slider earns its name as the man behind it, Jimmy, took the liberty to fly over to the United States to learn his meat grilling techniques from a US smoker manufacturer that had over 50 years of experience. Bite into the freshly smoked burger and you will get that “wow” factor, which is sure to whet your appetite.

Join the community of foodies as a home chef or get your cravings or party needs fixed on HCook! 

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