Sunshine Fresh Baked Bread & Buns since 1930

This year, Sunshine celebrates Singapore’s 52nd birthday with a National Day Parade inspired pack for its range of Healthier Choice cream buns. Sunshine has been sponsoring cream buns at the National Day Parade and rehearsal for decades. This year, Sunshine ups the ante by designing its four best-selling variants with graphics of the National Day contingent. 

 These cream buns have just launched on store shelves on 1 July and will be available till 31 August. Sunshine is also sponsoring 150,000 cream buns for National Day.

There is a lot to be excited about as Sunshine has kick-started a Facebook photo contest for its National Day inspired packs. By posting a creative photo with the pack, you could stand a chance to win tickets to the National Day parade, cash prizes of $1,000 each or a Singapore themed caricature of yourself with loved ones! Visit for more information.

As the No.1 selling cream bun brand in Singapore, Sunshine has always prided itself for bringing quality products into the home of Singaporeans. Every cream bun in its range is Healthier Choice, high in Calcium, enriched with Prebiotics and made with choice ingredients. Not just that, Sunshine has the widest range of healthier choice bread and buns in this market.

Supporting the cause of a healthier nation, Sunshine selects premium ingredients such as sprouted grains, Australian rolled oats and Hokkaido milk to bake its bread. Sunshine’s bread range consists of low sugar, low fat, high fibre, 100% whole-grain options to cater to the preferences of a diverse population. A truly beloved brand of Singapore, Sunshine will continue producing high quality, wholesome and delicious baked goods for the nation