New! King's Potong Signature - Thai Mango and Coconut

Asia is home to a plethora of exotic flavours that have impressed the palates of many. King’s Potong pays homage to its Asian heritage, bringing two quintessential Asian flavours closer to home with the brand new King’s Potong Signature Thai Mango and King’s Potong Signature Coconut.

Mangoes are undeniably the ultimate fruit of the tropics. With the hundreds of cultivars available in the market, Thailand’s Oak-Rong mangoes emerge as favourites for many Thais. Characterized with a deep groove along the edge of the fruits, Oak-Rong mangoes are prized for its sweet succulent flesh with alluring tropical scent. It is no wonder that many locals revere this cultivar as the king of all mangoes. It is also said that Oak-Rong mangoes are the perfect choice to make the ever-popular khao neow mamuang (mango sticky rice), a signature dessert from a gamut of Thailand’s exotic delicacies. King’s Potong Signature Thai Mango is made using Oak-Rong mango puree imported directly from Thailand with no additional preservatives. The puree is churned with coconut milk to add a dose of savouriness while the inclusion of mango bits offers a multi-sensorial indulgence that is perfect to stave off the sweltering heat.

Joining the new King’s Potong Signature range is the ever-popular Coconut. Made with fresh Thai coconut milk, the King’s Potong Signature Coconut bursts with the rich, creamy taste of the tropical fruit. Delightful bits of young coconut flesh encased within the delectable coconut milk ice confection intensify the coconut notes for a truly Asian flavour.

The new King’s Potong Signature Thai Mango and King’s Potong Signature Coconut are available in multipacks of six sticks at the Recommended Selling Price (RSP) of S$6.95 each. They are available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets islandwide.



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