Join Asia Virtual Marathon and stand to win cash prizes worth of SGD10,000

Calling all fitness fans —join and challenge yourself at Asia Virtual Marathon!
The goal of the Asia Virtual Marathon is to reach 1000 KM in total over the span of 6 months. Each run you do during the time of the event contributes to the total distance that you run. You will be competing against all the other AVM runners throughout Asia, promoting the aspects of competition, community and charity.
By putting forth these three aspects, the organisation hopes to bring the various communities in Asia closer while at the same time promoting products and talents from Asian countries.

The first person from each category to reach the 250 KM, 500 KM and 1000 KM will win SGD1000, SGD3000 and SGD10000 respectively. 

The first runner up in each milestone from each category will win SGD800, SGD2000 and SGD8000 respectively while, the second runner up will win SGD500, SGD1000 and SGD3500 respectively.

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