Thank your Marvellous Mom for her Amazing Love with Limited Edition PrimaDéli Mother’s Day cakes

My mum is a strong and independent woman I would said. She woke up early and prepares breakfast for the family every morning without fail. If you will to ask me what are the things most commonly said by her are:

1)  When I about to leave home each morning, she will ask  "Did you take your wallet and key?" as there are cases I forgot to take them in the past.

2) When I was younger, she will tell me to finish my bowl of rice else I will get pimples.

These may be just small things she do, but all from a place of love!

I'm really thankful and appreciate all of the enormous sacrifices she have had to make for the sake of her children and things she done for the family. 

And while it certainly isn’t enough to appreciate her just one day out of the year, Mother’s Day is a good start. There's only few days left until Mother's Day (13 May 2018)! 

Make this Mother's Day one she'll never forget with a cake that's just as sweet and beautiful as she is. From today to 13 May 2018, celebrate and honour the women who raised you with PrimaDéli’s Mother’s Day cakes. 

“Marvellous Mom” and her “Amazing Love”

(left: Marvellous Mom cake; right: Amazing Love cake) 

Specially for Mother’s Day, PrimaDéli is introducing two visually-stunning and yummy cakes – “Marvellous Mom” and “Amazing Love”. Sink your teeth into richly satisfying chocolate truffle cream sandwiched between soft and moist chocolate sponge cake with the “Marvellous Mom” cake. The “Amazing Love” cake – with its irresistible layers of vanilla sponge cake slathered with strawberry fresh cream and delicately topped with fresh strawberries – is sure to delight mothers who love to indulge in this fine fruit. 

“Mothers have celebrated many special occasions for their children with our cakes every year. For Mother’s Day, we hope to help their children show their appreciation and love with these limited-edition cakes designed for mothers in Singapore,” said Mr George Lim, General Manager of PrimaDéli. 

“Marvellous Mom” and “Amazing Love” cakes from PrimaDéli are priced at $34.80 (730g) and $46.80 (1kg). From 19 April to 6 May 2018, enjoy 25% off the original price of the cakes, and 15% off the original price of the cakes from 7 May to 13 May 2018. The cakes will only be available for a limited period of 19 April 2018 to 13 May 2018.


Mother's Day is just round the corner and we went around to find out while growing up, what are things most commonly said by Mothers.

Stand a chance to win one of our Mother's Day exclusive cakes for your Mum by sharing with us the quirkiest things she said in the comments section on this facebook post!

Contest ends on 8 May, 1159pm. T&Cs apply.