Mid-Autumn Festival 2018- Top Mooncakes Picks

Mooncake (“月饼 (yuèbǐng)” in Chinese) is Chinese traditional snack/dessert that are eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. The festival is for lunar appreciation and moon watching, when mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy. During this period, friends and family will gather together to eat mooncakes.

Typically mooncakes are round in shape, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 3–4 cm thick. They are usually filled with red bean or lotus seed paste and surrounded by a thin (2–3 mm) crust. Some may contain yolks from salted duck eggs and they are usually eaten in small wedges and paired with hot tea. 

Every year during Mid-autumn festival, businessmen and families will present them to their clients or relatives as gift.

Whether you are a traditional or snowskin mooncake lovers, I'm sure you'll like to know where to find the best mooncake, best mooncake packaging and the best promotion/discount in Singapore!!! Plus also find out what the newest flavours this year! 

Below are some of the Top Mooncake Picks for 2018.

Concorde Hotel Singapore

This is definitely one of the best mooncake packaging I seen so far this year! 

Yes, they are from @concordehotelsg! Their mooncakes are packaged daintily in 4 individual 
macaron coloured boxes with an ornamental silver rabbit  lid opener. 
One of my favorite mooncakes from @concordehotelsg is their Jade Lotus Single Yolk which has an aromatic pandan-infused lotus paste. 

Something NEW to try this year will be the Matcha Bamboo Charcoal Skin with Goji and Black Sesame (Low in Sugar). It is definitely a healthier option with 3 main ingredients – Matcha, Goji and Black Sesame that have beneficial health properties such as rich in Vitamin A, C, iron, fibre, zinc and antioxidants.

@concordehotelsg mooncakes would definitely be a great gift for your family, friends and business associates. All the mooncakes are Halal-certified and are available for order from 13 August till 24 September 2018.

Catch these rabbit  and delicious mooncakes before they are gone! 
Enjoy 20% off all mooncake purchases from 13 to 31 August. 
Wait no more! For enquiries and orders please call 6734 0393 or email spices.chs@concorde.net

  Sheraton Towers

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with a exquisite selection of traditional baked and contemporary snowskin mooncakes delicately handcrafted by the culinary team of award-winning @libaisg @sheratontowerssg.

From 22 August to 24 September 2018,signature flavours such as Champagne with White Lotus Seed Paste and Lychee Martini with White Lotus Seed Paste snowskin mooncakes make their anticipated return, complemented by two NEW flavours to the snowskin series.Taking centre-stage and adding to the snow skin medley this year is the Black Truffle Sea Salt Dark Chocolate with White Lotus Seed Paste - a palatable creation that harmonises the bitter sweet dark chocolate with a tinge of black truffle and sea salt. 

Also NEW is the Lemon and Lemongrass with White Lotus Seed Paste, an uplifting blend of citruses, making it a refreshing treat. 

For those with a penchant for classics, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant is renowned for its traditional baked double yolk and single yolk mooncakes. Handmade to perfection with no artificial flavourings or preservatives, Li Bai’s homemade mooncakes are suitable for both young and old. 

The latest introduction to Li Bai’s premium box collection is an exquisite champagne box, which can be transformed into a swanky serving tray for any occasion. Encased within this opulent box are four matching individual boxes which house Li Bai’s exquisite mooncakes. 

Avid collectors of Li Bai’s mooncake boxes will also be thrilled with the new classic box design that is available in three meticulously handpicked colours – sleek red, luxurious gold and contemporary rose gold. Li Bali’s mooncake makes an excellent gift for business associates, loved ones or simply for personal collection.


For selected credit card holders, enjoy 15% discount from 22 August to 24 September 2018.

Goodwood Park Hotel

The Mid-Autumn Festival – A time to be together with family and friends and the enjoyment of mooncakes. 

This year, @goodwoodparkhotelsg is proud to present, as part of its snowskin collection, the brand new Blue Pea Flower with White Lotus Seed Paste and Melon Seeds, a gorgeously-hued masterpiece that will impress everyone at the gathering!

Back by popular demand and sporting a new ‘skin’ is Almond Beancurd with Longan, last introduced in 2010 as part of the hotel’s 110th year anniversary celebration; and Soursop with Calamansi, an inspired local take on a similar version that was created in 2009. The evergreen D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ snowskin mooncakes make a comeback as well, alongside traditional baked favourites, all freshly made with no preservatives. 

Regent Singapore

It's that time of the year again to enjoy delicious mooncakes!

This year, Summer Palace @regentsingapore takes inspiration from ornate Asian wood furniture carvings found in their restaurant, the mooncake box design showcases the "beauty in simplicity" with an elegant and timeless classic.

Partnering with Bar Manager Philip Bischoff of Manhattan, Asia's Best Bar, Summer Palace Chinese Dim Sum Chef Leong Kwok Sing's 2018 mooncake selection showcases an exquisite collection of perennial favourites and two new Manhattan-exclusive snow skin mooncake variants: Barrel-aged Sazerac 6-year-old Rye with Coffee and Chocolate and Barrel-aged La Louisiane Cocktail with Yuzu and Green Bean Paste.

The Manhattan Mid-Autumn box featured this year presents a limited edition four-set whiskey tasting box and an assortment of eight Manhattan-exclusive snow skin mooncakes, these bold creations is something not to be missed.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

What’s Mid-Autumn without delicious mooncakes shared with loved ones?

@shangrilasg unveils an exquisite collection of premium traditional baked mooncakes by Shang Palace. The mooncakes are presented in elegant boxes with intricate imperial designs available in Royal Red or Champagne Gold, and are available for purchase from 24 July to 24 September 2018.

Three limited-edition Shang Palace gift sets are also available this year: Shangri-La’s Signature Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest collection, the Mini Eight Treasures collection and the classic Four Treasures collection. The mooncakes are presented in superb-quality boxes, making them thoughtful Mid-Autumn gifts for loved ones and business associates.

Mooncakes may be ordered at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s lobby, Shang Palace or at the pop-up shops at Takashimaya, VivoCity, Parkway Parade, Jurong Point, NEX, Suntec City and Chevron House.


Orders of 60 boxes or more can avail complimentary delivery to one location within Singapore (during office hours). A delivery charge of S$60 nett per location in Singapore (during office hours) is chargeable if purchase is less than 60 boxes. Delivery service is available from 24 July to 24 September 2018.

Marina Bay Sands

Last year, @marinabaysandspresented their mooncakes in an exquisite festive box that can even be re-used as a jewellery box after eating the mooncakes.

This year, their mooncakes are presented in an elegant pink bag with a luxurious velvet interior that you can later be reused as a jewelry box.

New mooncakes this year are the Strawberry Yoghurt Champagne, Passion Mango Yoghurt and Japanese Sweet Potato snowskin mooncakes, and Pu Erh Tea and Multigrain traditional mooncakes.

Traditional mooncakes are S$78 for a box of 4, while snowskin mooncakes are S$78 for a box of 8. This is definitely a great classy gift for Mid-Autumn Festival!

Visit po.st/moon2 or call SweetSpot at +65 6688 8588 for more details! 

SUCRE Singapore

This Mid-Autumn, enhance your mooncake enjoyment with the most suitable tea pairing from @sucresingaporeCheck out SUCRE’s NEW Peranakan-style mooncakes and Discovery Sampler Gift Set for MidAutumn Festival 2018.

The Discovery Sampler 5-tea Gift Set, a collection of teas and caffeine-free tisanes which have been masterfully curated to take you on a different sensory and story-telling journey. Each mini tea caddy contains 3 silken pyramid infusers that offer a ‘ready to drink’ experience when paired with the Peranakan mooncakes of the season.

Look out for 2 brand new flavours: Butterfly Lovers (Bael Fruit, Butterfly Pea, Pandan) and Yum Cha (Durian, Chrysanthemum Oolong).

[Pandan & Osmanthus Mooncake]

There are 2 beautiful layers inside this traditional baked mooncake: an aromatic Osmanthus paste, shaped like a golden egg yolk at the base of the mooncake, and cupped in a fragrant Pandan lotus paste.
TEA PAIRING: Butterfly Lovers to accompany the Pandan and Marmalade-like Bael Fruit.

[Gula Melaka with Walnuts Mooncake]

Encapsulates the taste of Peranakan culture, combining smoky with caramel. 
TEA PAIRING: Mandarin Oolong Tea to cut through the flavour of Gula Melaka.

[Durian Mooncake]

This low-sugar mooncake has a creamy durian flavour. Perfect for durian lovers. 
TEA PAIRING: Kyoto Cherry Rose to contrast with the creaminess of durian.

[Cranberries Mooncake]

A light lotus seed paste that is never cloying.
TEA PAIRING: YUMCHA’s durian top note and creaminess enhance the complex flavours of the cranberry white lotus paste.

SUCRE mooncakes and gift teas may be purchased at the Singapore Night Festival (Festival Village, SMU Campus Green) from 23-25 August; and Singapore Tea Festival (ION Orchard, B4) from 21-23 September. Alternatively, call 66800295 or email order@ruedusucre.com

Marina Mandarin Singapore

This mid-autumn, @marinamandarinsg introduces 2 NEW mooncake creations- White Lotus Paste & Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Pine Nuts Mooncake and Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust Mooncake.

The White Lotus Paste and Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Pine Nuts Mooncake, a unique mooncake fusing the familiar flavour of the white lotus paste and that of the black sesame paste. I like the extra crunch from the pine nuts.

The Charcoal Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds and Gold Dust Mooncake, a Peach Blossoms’ signature, comprises fragrant black sesame paste complemented with melon seeds, topped off with a sprinkle of edible gold dust which adds a touch of sophistication. 

Those looking for a less sweet option can go for the White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk Mooncake or the White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts Mooncake. 

The mooncake boxes may be reused as photo frames and are perfect for gifting from 16 August to 24 September 2018. Selected credit cards enjoy an early bird discount of 25% off from 16 August to 9 September 2018, and a regular discount of 15% off between 10 September and 24 September 2018.

Conrad Centennial Singapore

This mid-autumn , @conradsingapore introduces their NEW Durian Snowskin mooncake, filled with luscious durian pulp delicately encased in a melt-in-your-mouth snowskin. 

Other snowskin mooncakes flavours includes the following:

❤️ Royal Chocolate Hazelnut Snowskin - inspired by the hotel’s signature cake of almond sponge and dark chocolate mousse on a crunchy hazelnut praline base. 

❤️ Ondeh Ondeh Snowskin- filled with Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar) and fine Coconut bits
❤️ Passion Fruit Snowskin- Refreshing 
❤️ Green Tea Snowskin- sweet and earthy

Their mooncakes are presented in an elegant timeless box decked with oriental floral prints (available in choice of two colours : Champagne Cream and Crimson Red). It is definitely your perfect gift for family, friends and business associates.

 [Discount Offers]

· August 6 to 31, 2018 – 20% discount
· September 1 to 24, 2018 – 10% discount *Citibank, UOB and HSBC card members enjoy additional 5% discount. 

Häagen-Dazs Singapore

This year, @haagendazssg ice is launching an extraordinary range of ice cream mooncakes, featuring contemporary designs and exquisite flavours, showcasing the roundest moon.

There are five different sets available to choose from; the Lune et Etoiles, the Twinkle Night Mix, the Mochi Collection, the Line Friend collection, and the Crispy Collection. Each set is made from carefully sourced premium ingredients with multi-flavoured layers, and promises and indulgent ice cream mooncake experience. 

This is the crispy collection - crispy wafers sandwiching Häagen-Dazs ice cream covered in. Smooth chocolate. Each box of fives pieces features three ice cream flavors (Vanilla, Caramel, Green Tea). 


Pre-order is currently available and enjoy early bird promotion of us to 25% discount. Also available in-store at all Häagen-Dazs outlets, Tang’s.com, and selected moon cakes booths from August 14, so hurry place your orders before they are running out! 

Carlton Hotel Singapore

@carltonhotelsingapore has unveiled new locally-inspired mooncake- Mini Gula Melaka Snowskin Mooncake. The mooncakes comes with a generous serving of Gula Melaka enveloping a crunchy white chocolate ball. 

Exclusively for selected credit/debit cardholders.

24 Aug – 16 Sept 2018: 20% off 1 – 30 boxes purchased and 25% off 31 boxes or more purchased.

17 – 24 Sept 2018: 15% off all mooncakes

Order online today at www.signatures.carltonhotel.sg. 

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

It’s almost Mid-Autumn Festival again! This year, Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant @holidayinnsgatriumlaunches 2 new low-sugar snowskin mooncakes – Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Orange Praline Mooncake and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Hazelnut Crunch Mooncake.

These two new flavours join Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s growing repertoire of healthy and delectable low-sugar mooncakes, along with our existing baked and snowskin collection. ...

Durian lovers rejoices! Don’t miss the popular Xin’s Peranakan Durian Snowskin Mooncake- luxurious durian filling encased in a purplish blue soft skin case, naturally coloured using the Blue Pea flower. Choose between 4 large pieces or 6 mini pieces per box.

Other must try include Xin’s Signature Mini Egg Custard with Yolk Mooncake, a creation filled with velvety smooth custard and flavourful salted egg yolk centre. Impress your guests with its edible gold leaf delicately topped on the mooncake for a luxurious touch. 

For those who still prefer the traditional no-frills enjoyment, discover Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant’s repertoire of baked classic mooncakes such as Low Sugar White LotusSeed Paste with Four Yolks and the popular Assorted Nuts with French Raisins Mooncakes. 

Mooncakes are available for purchase at the Hotel Lobby from 27 August 2018, as well as twelve other locations island-wide.

Orders can be placed through https://holidayinnfestive.oddle.me/ or by contacting Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at (65) 6731 7173. 

Old Seng Choong (老成昌)

For those who enjoy a little alcohol in their mooncakes, @oldsengchoong snowskin collection named as The Four Heavenly Beauties will suit perfectly. The collection comes with four unique flavour
- Brandy Cherry
- Yuzu Martini
- Bailey Whiskey with White Chocolate Pearl 
- Rum & Raisin with Dark Chocolate Pearl. 

Online sales starts now till 23 September while booth sales (at Flagship store & Takashimaya Square B2) begins on 22 August till 24 September. 

For those who still prefer the traditional baked mooncakes, @oldsengchoong lauches 3 New delightful flavours:.-White Lotus with Yolk Blend & Mixed Seeds-White Lotus Paste with Durian Paste-Longan with Wugu...Each mooncake is packaged elegantly in a beautiful tin which could be reused after to store small items.

[Exclusive Online Early Bird Mooncake Promotion]
22 Aug - 31 Aug: 20%
1 Sep - 7 Sep: 15%

 8 Sep - 14 Sep: 10% 
15 Sep - 24 Sep: 5% 

Additional 5% off for DBS/POSB/Maybank card holders

Crystal Jade Singapore

This had to be one of the best mooncake packaging this year!😀 This specially designed rose gold tin box by @crystaljadesg and @disneysingaporefeatures Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy on a merry-go-round ride to the tune of iconic ‘Mickey Mouse March’ when switched on. 

Each box comes with a beautiful 2 tier dessert tray with 8 petite Mickey & Minnie bite-sized snowskin mooncakes in two delectable flavours: 

• Pandan Lotus with Gula Melaka 

• Chocolate with Manuka Honey.


Enjoy 10% discount for JADEITE, CITI, DBS & POSB card members (valid til 24 Sept 2018) 

Secure your box of delectably sweet mooncakes here: http://bit.ly/CrystalJadeMooncakeInstagram

tcc - the connoisseur concerto

What's mid-autumn without having mooncakes with friends and family! Get ready and indulge in the splendour of @dtccsg mooncake creations this year! From Classic baked mooncakes, to Grandeur & Royal Elixir snowskin mooncake series, you will be spoilt for choices!

For healthier option, try D'classic with Egg Yolk Blend [$68], made with less sugar premium lotus seed paste


Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without feasting on mooncakes!

@primadelisg launches 3 new snowskin flavours - Earl Grey, Orange with Ginger, and Espresso with Caramel!

For guilt free option, you can select their traditional baked mooncakes that are low in sugar.


If you are still looking for an authentic Teochew mooncake that is irresistibly tasty yet not too sweet, be sure not to miss these drool-worthy handmade Madam Leng mooncakes from @putien_sg . Madam Leng is the longest serving stalwart in Putien and her home recipe for the mooncakes captured heart of Putien's CEO and founder years ago. Today, it continues to steal the hearts of mooncake lovers. Wrapped within the crisp and flaky mooncake crust is a generous serving of "orh-ni" or sweet potato fillings. Savour the smooth and natural sweetness of yam or sweet potato flavours made from Thailand 's premium taro and Japan's first grade purple sweet potato. The mooncake crust is also freshly prepared with two types of doughs - one rolled with corn oil, another with vegetable shortening. Low in sugar, with no preservatives or addictives, they are best consumed within 3 days. Madam Leng mooncakes are available in Putien's outlets from now till 24 Sep. Box of 4 Yam moocakes is at $48, with single yolk $54// Box of 4 Purple Sweet Potato at $52, with single yolk $58// Assorted Mix at $54 (Box of 4, 1 of each flavour) // Single Yam $12, with yolk $13.50 // Single Purple Sweet $13, with yolk $14.50

 Din Tai Fung Singapore

Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner, @dintaifungsg launches their classic Pineapple Cakes, featuring a golden buttery pastry filled with moist, succulent Taiwanese pineapple filling, rich in aroma and delicate sweetness, and is free from preservatives.⠀ ⠀ These irresistible gems are individually wrapped and packaged in a limited edition Mid-Autumn gift box, which features their mascot Bao Zai dressed as Moon Goddess Chang’e gracefully floating towards an adorable Pineapple Moon. ⠀ Available $23.80 nett for a box of 10 at all Din Tai Fung restaurants island-wide except Manulife Centre, till 24 Sep 2018 or while stocks last.

Golden Moments SG

Hands up if you are a durian lovers! @GoldenMomentsSG is definitely one that should not be missed! Their signature premium durian snowskin mooncake is made with the purest of luscious Mao Shan Wang durian, enrobed in silken charcoal snowskin, sprinkled with gold dust. . It’s so delicious and irresistible! Indulge in Golden Moments Signature Premium Mao Shan Wang Snowskin Mooncake today! PROMO CODE -> GMTGFT10 to enjoy $10 off! . www.goldenmoments.sg

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Sweeten your mid-autumn celebrations with a box of mooncakes from @cpchangiairport! This year Crowne Plaza Changi Airport presents an exquisite collection of baked and snowskin mooncakes in a series of brightly hued boxes m, designed with orchid motifs that reminiscent of the hotel’a eye catching facade. 

Every box of mooncakes comes with a LIMITED EDITION REVERSIBLE SHOPPER TOTE in bold orange and classic tanned brown. The light weight PU leather tote bag is great for carrying your daily essential and a trendy tote for your travels! 

Expect to savor NEW Champagne Truffle Snowskin mooncake collection comprising of 4 delectable flavors- Black Sesame, Chestnut, Pandan and Red Date . The snowskin mooncakes are available in a box of 4 (assorted flavour) at $78 nett (online store special: $54.60 per box). ...As for those who are into Traditional Baked Mooncake, they also have low in sugar option for you. The traditional baked mooncakes are available in a box of 4 from $70 nett (online store special: from $49 nett per box).

These Mid Autumn treats are available for preorder on their online store: http://bit.ly/cpmooncakes-estore and collection from now till 24th Sept 2018 from the hotel ‘s lobby lounge as well as mooncake booth at 4 popular malls - Junction 8, Tampines Mall, Compass One and Parkway Parade.

Orchard Hotel Singapore

4 in 1 Mooncake Box! Yes @orchardhotelsingapore’s Hua Ting Restaurant launches a premium mooncake packaging that is not only a box to encase the dainty mooncakes but can be re-used later as a bedside lamp💡, a Bluetooth speaker 🎶and pull-out chest drawers to store your jewelry💍! 

There are nine coveted mooncake flavours presented this season, including five classic baked selections and four contemporary snowskin creations. Those mindful of their health can opt for Hua Ting’s low-sugar classics including the trio of White Lotus Paste ($69 per box of 4), White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts ($73 per box of 4), White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Macadamia Nuts($75 per box of 4), as well as the signature Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts)($73 per box of 4) and Red Bean Paste with Melon Seeds ($69 per box of 4).

Hua Ting’s Traditional Treasures Gift Box ($73 per box of 4) - choice of Deluxe set ($73 per box of 4) or Premium set ($98 per box of 4) – comes with a selection of four baked mooncakes.

Available for sampling and purchase from now till 24 September 2018, 12:00 noon to 8:00pm, at Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk. To order, please call 6739 6577, email mooncake.ohs@millenniumhotels.com or visit bit.ly/MillenniumMooncakes2018.

The Baker Haus

If you are bored of the mooncake with the usual lotus and red bean filling, why not try these NEW and INNOVATIVE flavors from @thebakerhaus_

This year, they launches SNOWSKIN MOONCAKES WITH CREAM CHEESE LAVA FILLINGS - Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, MuSangKing and Custard. They also provide logo engraving service on your mooncake, perfect as corporate gifts. You may contact via thebakerhaus2017@gmail.com for more information. Alternatively, you can also drop them a DM on their Facebook page.

Can’t wait to grab these delicious mooncakes, you can head to any of the booths available islandwide in Singapore:
1) Takashimaya Mid-Autumn Fair: 10am - 9.30pm (22 Aug - 24 Sep)
2) Bugis Junction (10 Sep – 23 Sep)
3) Causeway point (10 Sep – 23 Sep)
4) Lot One (10 Sep – 23 Sep)
5) Northpoint City (8 Sep – 23 Sep)
6) Tampines Mall (12 Sep – 23 Sep)


With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner (it falls on September 24 this year) the odds are you’re bound to pick up a few boxes of mooncakes to share with your friends and loved ones.

Instead of going for the traditional lotus seed paste with double yolk, what about going for ones filled with red bean green tea, chocolate milk tea – or even mix berry sakura?

@nouveau_xin launches 6 pretty and glittering mooncakes. Unlike the usual traditional mooncakes, these mooncakes comes in a shape of a ball and have different fillings in it.
1)Golden salted egg 
2)Chocolate black sesame w Crispy pear
3)Candy Blueberry 
4)Red bean green tea 
5)Mix berry sakura 
6)Chocolate milk tea ...
[PROMOTION] Enjoy early bird promotion 10% off per box(4pcs). Price after discount $28.80 (u.p $32) till 16th September.