DJI Osmo Pocket for $89 real or fake?

Osmo Pocket-  the smallest three-axis mechanical stabilization pan-tilt camera selling at S$89 (Usual Price: S$529) at

This is too good to be true! I thought this cannot go wrong as the website stated Cash On Delivery, Free Shipping, 7 Days Free Return Product. 

What was supposed to be included in this package: OSMO POCKET+A set of accessories+SanDisk Extreme microSD Card 64GB. 

So one week after I ordered from the website, my sister called me and said there was a parcel for me delivered by Ninja Van and was asked to pay S$89.

I forgot to ask my Sister to open the parcel to check before paying the delivery guy. I came back home after work and was so happy to see the parcel on my table.

I immediately opened with excitement! I was shocked that the Osmo Pocket turned out to be some scrappy voice recorder!!!

The below product is what I received!

I thought this could be a mistake. So I went to the website to check and see if there is anyway I can contact them to tell them about this wrong delivery.

So according to their website, customers can apply for a return

“Return due to quality reasons: Send mail to the after-sales service center within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods,The customer service will accept your request within 1-3 working days after receiving the mail, and the freight generated by the return will be borne by us.”

I tried to email and waited for a few days, but no one replied to my email. I felt something fishy and went to Google and Facebook to see if anyone else also encountered the same thing like me.

Then I found a lady- Siti who posted on Facebook who also encountered this issue.

This was what Sito posted: 

OMG! It was really a scam! The promotion was FAKE! I wished I had read about Siti’s post earlier and not fall for the same mistake!

I cannot believe is allowing all this and helping this scammers to deliver and collect the money! 

If you are reading this, please share this with your friends and loved one so they do not fall for the same mistake as us.



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