Handsome Guys you seen... Now Pretty Girls for you!!!

Just few months back, we have a big group of handsome looking Abercrombie & Fitch Singapore's male models posed shirtless outside the American apparel chain’s new flagship store at Knightsbridge, along Orchard Road in Singapore. That's was sure eye candy for the girls. Most of them are foreigners as you can see right...

Guess what? Just last night (18 Jan 2011), we have 20 over YOUNG, HOT & PRETTY Tiger Beer Singapore's female models at the TIGER LUNAR EXTRAVAGANZA 2012 held at Singapore Flyer and all of them are local!!! Eye candy for the guys turn!

Tiger Lunar Extravaganza is a celebration embodied the concept of “beer”, “friends” and “fortune” as well as the spirit of 聚 (togetherness).The celebration was held at the Singapore Flyer (Also known as “Singapore’s Wheel of Fortune”).

See our Singapore's pretty models!!!
I love the idea of getting the local models for Tiger Beer event as you all know that Tiger beer is Singapore's first LOCALLY brewed beer which launched in 1932.

Keep it up Tiger Beer Singapore!!! Our local female models are more pretty and they are more friendly!!! Support the local models!!!

People Mountain People Sea....

Tiger Beer Models standing outside the restaurant to welcome guest in.

Why am I holding two Mandarin oranges?

This is actually a rituals conceptualised by Tiger Beer in collaboration with geomancer Grand Master Phang of New Trend Lifestyle. This is one of the ritual involved the casting of Mandarin oranges into a “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” made up of Tiger Beer cans stacked to signify 五福临门 (Wu Fu Lin Men) or “Five Fortunes at the Door”. The five fortunes comprise longevity, wealth, health, kindness and benevolence. The “Tiger Beer Five Fortune Pagoda” can be replicated at home by Singaporeans with a 24-can pack of Tiger Beer to wish for the five types of fortune and good luck. So cool right!!!

What's this too?

Another ritual introduced at the event was the specially-created “Tiger Beer Dragon Wall” which involved guests slotting cans of Tiger Beer into a constructed wall to form the shape of a Water Dragon. It symbolised “the attraction of wealth from all directions by the Dragon on the Great Wall”. I have never seen such ritual before and I think it is really cool!!!

Bringing in auspiciousness - as symbols of strength and good luck, the presence of a Lion and Dragon will bring good luck!!! HUAT AH!!!

After the Lions and Dragon dance, we were ushered by the Tiger Beer Models to “Lou Hei” in the Singapore Flyer!!! I was waiting for this moment!!!

View from the top of the Singapore Flyer!

At the apex, 165 metres above sea-level, we had our “yu-sheng” tossing and toasting for good fortune with Tiger Beer.

Yusheng (also spelt Yu Sheng) meaning "raw fish" is a Chinese New Year dish, served traditionally on the seventh day of Chinese New Year. I really love this salad dish with Abalone and Salmon!!!

Everyone getting ready to "Lou Hei"!

HUAT AH EVERYONE!!! Toss higher!!!
(Photo credited to APB Singapore)

Live it up in the year of Dragon with Tiger Beer!!!

Common CNY's snacks were placed inside our Singapore Flyer's capsule too.

Back to Seafood Paradise Restaurant for our dinner and welcomed by our two pretty Tiger Beer Models- Sophia and Sheena!

Met Benjamin!!! Cheers!!!

Dinner at Seafood Paradise Restaurant, overlooking the stunning backdrop of Marina Bay.

Festive entertainment before our dinner.

Amongst the 300 invited guests were six lucky Tiger Beer fans who secured invitations to the event for themselves with four friends each after winning a contest recently hosted on the brand’s Facebook page.

On my table: Gin Wong, Christy, HP, Issac

On my table: Adrian, Dennis & HP

On my table: Justin, HP & Justin

We were served with a sumptuous six-course dinner.

While we are having dinner, the geomancer Grand Master Phang of New Trend Lifestyle gave us tips for good luck.

Time to "YUM SHENG"!!!

The Tiger Beer Models are MISSING!!!
Where are they?

Oh... The 24 girls had went inside for group photo taking!!!
Oh... Wish I was not taking this photo so I can be inside the photo with the girls...

The Tiger Beer Singapore Staffs and the female models had a group photo!!! HUAT AH!!!

But well not so bad... I got some photo small group photo with the girls too!!!

The pretty Tiger Beer Model, Sharlene who was ushering me and the other guest in our capsule. Thanks Sharlene and glad to see you!!!

A photo with Sophia & Sheena.

A photo with the pretty host that night. Sorry I forgot your name.

Thanks Tiger Beer Singapore for the invitation once again!!!



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