Exotic Vacation to Kuantan, Malaysia‏ with Firefly (Day 2)

Wow! Where so many canned drinks in my luggage???
Those are the drinks from the fridge in my room, Shine and Yuhao's rooms. I am packing them in my luggage to bring to the next resort (Swiss-Garden Resort) which we be staying.

Had our breakfast at BGRC before checking out.

Reached Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary.

Nice blue sky!

Feeding the elephant for my 1st time!!!

He is so CUTE right!!!

HDR art shot using my Casio Exilim ZR1000!

W\e also visited the Orang Asli Settlement nearby!

Shine's elephant pose!!!

Yuhao and the baby elephant

Some of the handicraft made by the villagers

Ruiting wearing the costume for a photo!

She bought this handicraft bracelet.

We are in the JUNGLE!!!

Yes we are going to have an exclusive EATING IN THE JUNGLE EXPERIENCE!!!

That's our lunch inside the Bamboo

Steamed rice wrapped in some leaf

Lunch READY!!!

Assorted veggies

Spicy fish

This one is a bit like sardine

Shine washing her hands before meal. Good Habit!!!

Grilled fish! Very fresh and delicious!

Hello deer!!!

Yes we are at the Deerland Park!!!

At Deerland Park, you get to get close to the deer and feed them!

Staring at us for more food!

Baby deer so CUTE!

Ostrich so cute!!! =)

Peacock and Rooster

This is a mouse deer!

The hedgehog!!!

This little spiky creature sure got our attention and put on a smile whenever we see them!

Shine enjoying the seabreeze and also making a wish!
Cause the tour guide told us he made a wish at this spot last time and the wish came true!
So we also want to give it a try!!!


I'm a GIANT!!! HAHAHA!!!

Took a Candid Shot of Shine and it turned out beautiful!!!



Jump! We love the beach!

Finally checking in to Swiss-Garden Resort!!!

/This was the beautiful room we stayed for 2 night!!!
Everything looked so clean and new!

Take a look at the toilet!

There is a plate of fresh fruit provided in the room too!

Dinner at the famous Restoran Mexica Garden!

Live crabs, lobster and fishes!

Award winning chefs!

Great place for family dinner!

I love this curry fish!

Kangkong veg with chilli

Not the usual Kou Rou Bao(扣肉包)... This one is served with fried fish in dark sauce.

Fried fish in soy sauce

Chicken in sweet sauce.

I'm a very tofu person and really love this a lot!!!

That's a unique dessert!
It is coconut jelly!

With that sweet dessert, I ended my Day 2 in Kuantan!
Stay tuned for my blogpost on Day 3 in Kuantan where I visit the museum, 100 year old 'suspending bridge', Kuantan River Cruise and the Turtle Sanctuary!