Steps to youthful, firm and radiant-looking skin with Ashleigh Ivory

Whether you are a beauty enthusiast or someone who likes to keep things simple, we are all not spared from the ageing effects from the sun, environment or our hectic lifestyle routines. Ashleigh Ivory, one of our local beauty brands, has officially launched an all-natural solution to help us act against this ageing process and nourish our skin more effectively in simple steps!

For brighter skin, faded pigmentation, smoother, firmer and more nourished skin, you can kick start a new skincare regimen with this duo. Featuring the Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum and the Ashleigh Ivory Black Diamond Beauty Roller. 

At the product launch, one of the testimonials that left a great impression on me was a staff from Ashleigh Ivory. Besides hiring her, Cassiopea Yap, the Founder of Ashleigh Ivory, had the intention to help improve her acne condition. The before and after results were remarkable. Here is a look at her skin condition before using Ashleigh Ivory’s Black Diamond Beauty Set.

Standing on stage is the Founder, Cassiopea Yap and her staff (from left to right). We can visibly observe that the acne condition is gone and her skin is looking radiant with no visible scars.

Having the belief that all real beauty comes from Mother Nature, Ashleigh Ivory uses Fuji Shiitake mushroom in its Age-Defying Serum. This natural oxidant ‘miracle’ ingredient contains eight essential amino acids, vitamin C and Kojic acid.

Benefits of Fuji Shiitake Age-Defying Serum:
• Brightens all skin types
• Fades pigmentation
• Reduces acne scars
• Improves skin tone
• Firms up the skin

When used with the lightweight and versatile Black Diamond Beauty Roller, the serum can be absorbed 10 times deeper into the cell level to attain optimum results. Handcrafted from three terahertz ores, each in a diamond cut with 48 facets, they provide gentle and moderate stimulation to the skin.

Benefits of Black Diamond Beauty Roller:
•   Smoothes Furrow Lines
•   Reduces Crow’s Feet
•   Diminishes Fine Lines
•   Lifts Sagging Cheeks
•   Tightens Enlarged Pores
•   Smoothes Wrinkles
•   Softens Frown Lines

Application of the Black Diamond Beauty Roller can be done in multiple ways. 

1. You can soak it in warm water before rolling on face and neck to promote blood circulation or clear lymph flow blockages that cause puffiness. 
2. You can soak it in cold water before rolling for skin lifting and tightening. 
3. The beauty roller can also be used at room temperature to help the serum penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Ashleigh Ivory Black Diamond Set can be purchased in a set or separately. For more information or interest to place order, please visit

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