Nothing beats an ice-cold beer on a hot day!

If you are concern about the calorie of each can of beer, now you need not anymore.
Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB Singapore) taken our faves and make 'em low calorie—so you can enjoy them anytime, not regret it.

Photo credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page
These sleek cans of the lower calorie Tiger Silver are the latest addition to the Tiger Beer range in Singapore. Tiger Silver provides calorie conscious consumers a practical option for their next social gathering. 

Photo credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page
Brewed with a specially selected strain of hops, Tiger Silver contains 24% lower calories than Tiger Beer, but delivers the same great taste as the original lager. 

Photo credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page
Originally launched in coffeeshops around Singapore in May 2016 in quart bottles, Tiger Silver is now available at supermarkets and hypermarkets island wide in brand new sleek cans. 

Photo credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page

Venus Teoh, Marketing Director, APB Singapore, said, “We launched Tiger Silver based on market research that revealed a growing demand for a lower calorie lager in Singapore. Tiger Silver is the perfect option for consumers who wish to enjoy the full taste of Tiger Beer, with just as much bite, but with less calories. Tiger Silver closely follows the launch of Tiger Black and Tiger White earlier this year, now offering a low-calorie option in the ever-growing Tiger Beer range. We look forward to consumers enjoying this latest variant of Singapore’s iconic beer.” 

Photo credit: Tiger Beer Singapore Facebook Page
If you are planning to drink beer this Christmas, why not consider Tiger Silver? Tiger Silver sleek cans are available in a 6-can (6 x 320ml) pack at major hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores. 

For more information, visit Tiger Beer Singapore’s website at http://tigerbeer.com.sg and Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeer.SG.



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