Netflix & Chilll'd Ben & Jerry Event

Struggling to choose which flavour of ice-cream to eat?  Ben & Jerry’s has come up with the perfect creation and solution! In collaboration with Netflix, Ben & Jerry’s has created a Netflix Original flavour titled “Netflix & Chilll’d”.  The sweet treat is a mixture of luscious peanut butter ice cream with sweet & salty pretzel swirls & fudge brownies. You're guaranteed to taste a mixture of goodness all in just one pint---creamy, fudgy, sweet and salty! The flavour was announced alongside a variety of upcoming new Netflix shows that would be airing in 2020.

The launch event hosted by Class 95 DJs The Muttons, was held at the Netflix HQ in Singapore. Upon arriving at the venue, we were greeted by the large Netflix entrance opposite the event hall. The Netflix office was lined with bean bags, and an array of delicious finger foods including mini bites like Pretzel Steak Sandwiches, “Hot Dogs”, Crushed Brownie Verrines, Peanut Butter Cream Tart with Charred Banana and Ginger & Salted Caramel Cupcakes with Buttered Popcorn.

Besides the food, there were various activities located around the hall such as a photo-taking/GIF booth and a “What’s your favourite title” booth where attendees may list their favourite Netflix shows under the “Totally Nuts”, “Salty AF” and “Too Sweet to Handle” categories. Before the announcing of the flavour, The Muttons held a round of Charades where attendees get selected to act out a type of Ben & Jerry’s flavour or Netflix show. Participants had the blessing of walking away with a bag full of Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s exclusive prizes.

I had an amazing experience at the event; I was able to mingle with people that had the same passion towards food and ice cream! Personally, I felt that the addition of bean bags was such a great idea as it really made it feel like home, so I was very comfortable during the entire event. 

We also got to take back home a pint of Netflix & Chilll’d which I'm already chomping down while watching Netflix!

Written by Alvin



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