Matsukiya, a traditional kushiyaki concept by Sushi Tei, showcasing specialties grilled with binchō-tan

Japan is one of the place we all love. And while we are all waiting for travelling to resume, why not visit Matsukiya located at Paragon, to satisfy your craving for some traditional Japanese kushiyaki? 

An offshoot of Sushi Tei, the establishment serves authentic Japanese kushiyaki, made with a selection of premium-grade meats, seafood and vegetables. The ingredients are grilled over binchō-tan (white charcoal made with Japanese oak) by Matsukiya’s grill masters, who collectively have 12 years of experience.

Lunch goers can consider having their executive set lunch (2 to choose from).

A dining experience here is as authentically Japanese as it gets with two set lunches that mirror the offerings in Japan.
S$25++ set meal 

This set meal (Picture above) allows you to choose three types of kushiyaki from a premium selection of ingredients such as chicken thigh, gizzard, heart, asparagus, shiitake mushroom and more. Served alongside the kushiyaki is the Aka Misoshiru, a piping-hot bowl of prawn broth enlivened by aka miso, shimeiji and chives. Promising an interplay of earthy, savoury and sour notes, the Gobou Gohan is a nourishing bowl comprising burdock, dashi, Japanese rice and pickles. Seasonal ice cream caps off the set.

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 S$30++ Set Meal

You get an option of the main course for this set, choice of unagi served with shiyo and taro; or tontoro with pork cheek.

The pork cheek originates from Spain and is chosen for its good ratio of marbling and meat. The fat lends a complex depth of flavour, and it melts and permeates the meat upon grilling. Accompanying it is Edamame, Chawanmushi with Kagoshima pork and truffle oil, Gobou Gohan and seasonal ice cream.

Add sides for more options 
Complement your meal with side dishes that also bring the best of the grill, like the Chef’s special Ika (S$18). A whole juicy and meaty squid comes on a plate to the table, served with black mashed potato, darkened with natural squid ink.

Another recommendation is the Yuzukosho Tori R amen (S$18), a hearty bowl of ramen made with charcoal grilled chicken and a delectable spicy yuzu paste. The richness of its broth is credited to homemade spicy tontoro sauce mixed into the broth, a laborious condiment that takes an hour to marinade and another hour to sous vide for flavours that are incomparable. 

Wash it all down with refreshing Suntory Highball made using Kakubin Suntory Whisky at only S$10 all day, every day. 

From now till the end of the year, corkage fee for all dine - in customers will be waived off. Bring along your very own favourite bottle of wine while you dine with here at Matsukiya



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