Singapore Food Masters 2020 - Vote & Win

Singapore Food Masters is back again to honour our local food heroes and I'm truly happy and honored to be one of the judges for this year..

From 25 September to 24 October, 100 eateries from all over the island are in the running to be crowned this year’s Food Masters.

Participating eateries are categorised into one of four zones: North, Central, East and West. The top ten eateries in each zone will advance to the next stage of Singapore Food Masters 2020 when the voting ends on 24 October.

Together with the other 7 judges, we will be accessing 40 shortlisted eateries based on taste, service, cleanliness, presentation and value for money. The full list of participating hawker stalls and restaurants and the zone codes to be used for voting will be available at
There are prizes for you as a voter too!!! Votes can be submitted via SMS to +65 9118 8980 or online at from 25 September until 11.59pm, 24 October. Voters for the top 3 finalists in each zone will be entered into a lucky draw, and 12 lucky winners will each walk away with shopping vouchers worth $100. Good luck to you!

Do stay tuned for the final 12 eateries of Singapore Food Masters 2020 which will be announced in November.
More information on the eateries and their zone codes can also be found online at




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