Jasmine 21st Birthday- 02 Nov 2008

Finally got the photo from Jasmine and able to blog this rememorable event of my life.
It was the 1st birthday celebration I celebrated with her and it was also her 21st birthday!

I wouldn't said I did a lot for her but I really put my heart in making her birthday a unforgetable one and hope she really enjoyed this 21st birthday celebration she had.

All the preparation and setting up I did for her birthday celebration were also to thank her for all the love and care she had given me.

I love her and really want her every single day to be the best in her life including this birthday celebration.

Purple colour was the theme for her birthday party- I made a few purple balloon flowers and placed them around the bungalow.

The red roses was wrapped in purple wrapping paper and tied with a purple teddy bear too.

I also made her a Purple coloured agar agar dessert too.

Know why Purple?
Because my dear like Purple colour!

That is my Dear Jasmine beside me....

The early birds had their mahjong game...

Playing blackjack...

Enjoying the food together...

While we were eating halfway, a bat flew in and everyone was shocked.

Girls were screaming!

Then a hero stood up!

It was our Mr Tommy who managed to chase it out... Thanks....

Cheers to the birthday girl....

How come machiam like my wedding dinner... opps... Haha

Oh that was the agar agar I made! saw?

Tommy, my nephew Kenneth and GJ

Jasmine giving her thank you speech... It was touching....

And that is my mum carrying my nephew hearing her speech... Touched...

Jasmine and GJ

Jasmine and her parent
Jasmine and her elder bro

Jasmine and Lydia

A birthday kiss to her!

The gorgeous award winner, Sarah

The gorgeous award winner, James

The best dressed award, Lydia and Tommy

Princess Jasmine holding the 99 roses I gave her

Edison and Michelle enjoying on the bed writing Jasmine birthday card... So sweet...

See the process of making this bouquet here