The rain did not stop us from our badminton playing...

Of all the other day, don't rain. Purposely when there is 8 of us playing badminton then rain.

Hopefully everyone not really disappointed about that...

Yesterday everyone was so looking forward to play badminton but due to the last minute cancelation at IMH, multipurpose hall, we got to find other place to play badminton.

It was raining at that time. We went Hougang Mall to had our dinner before any other plan.

During dinner, everyone was hopping that the rain would stopped after dinner.

However the rain did not stopped after our dinner. We walked to the usual outdoor court to play. The floor was very wet, but we continued to play.

So happy to be able to play together with the rest. Let look forward for indoor court next time. We must book next time, so everyone can play. Terence can join us next time too!

Tommy did not join the badminton as he left his racket and attire at IMH.

Tricia making this, what does this looked like?