Singapore’s first blogger blood donation drive!

Health Sciences Authority- Blood Bank

Today I just did a very meaningful thing!
Guess what?

Yes I took part in the Singapore’s first blogger blood donation drive organised by Nuffnang and now I can SHOUT TO THE WORLD, “I TOOK PART IN SINGAPORE’S FIRST BLOGGER BLOOD DONATION DRIVE”. !


It was a very successful event I would say, a lot of bloggers turned up today.
Before we start our blood donating, we are being fed well with catering food from Nuffnang!

Thanks Nuffnang for treating us so well.

Oh ya I was given this badge to pin on too! I'm No 79!

During the waiting for blood donation, Nuffnang was very thoughtful and nice to us. They brought board games, game cards and also a giant Snake & Ladder game!

And we get to win something during the games too! Me and Nadia was paired as a team and we got in 2nd postion and won some goodies.

We all have lots of fun and laughter!

Here is my winning plus the door gift!

Ya and after some games, it was my turn to donate blood. Being the 3rd time donating in my life, I was not scare of it at all...

And here is my Cert from Nuffnang!

Mr Ming of Nuffnang was interviewed!

One of the popular blogger, Ben was interviewed too.

And the interview was on the news, please see below for the video.

Spot me in red polo shirt in the second video.