KOSE Mask White

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This peel-off black whitening pack achieves a whitening effect by continuing to deliver active ingredients deep into the dermis while simultaneously removing dead skin cells, clogged pores, dirt, sebum and melanin. Deep cleansing yet mild, it helps maintain a clear complexion. Formulated with nano-sized ingredients that adhere closely, as if bonding with the skin, thanks to its excellent film-forming power, fast drying and airtightness.It soothes skin suffering from fatigue and contributes to comfortable firmness and even smoothness.

Formulated with five Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, including wormwood extract and goldthread extracts, this is first Seikisho product to incorporate these ingredients. Seikisho's refreshing fragrance creats a comfortable, relaxing experience.

The Japanese name for wormwood, kawarayomogi, refers to its native habitat of sandy beaches along rivers and the sea. This herb is identified in the Shinno-honzokyo, an important classic book listing important crude drugs used in Chinese medicine. The ears of this flower, chopped and dried in the shade, are used for medicinal purposes. This herb demonstrates antiphlogistic activity and serves to counter allergic reactions and tyrosinase production. Even when used for long periods, this extract is not believed to exhibit any side effects.

The high-adhesion pack envelops the skin in an airtight film and produces the desired effects on every part of the skin.

Seikisho has succeeded in introducing an industry first - the technology to formulate a pack with active whitening ingredients in powder form. This powder has the unconventional ability to form a powerful film, dry faster and achieve an airtight film What's more, it supports strong whitening and cleansing effects on the surface of the skin.

This product is black because it incorporates "black nano-powder." It offers higher dispersion than the white powders available in conventional packs. What's more, it enhances the powerful film-forming capability while contributing to faster drying and greater airtightness.

This product features a formula generous in water-soluble moisturizing ingredients in addition to the active whitening ingredients and black nano-powder. After application, the pack smoothly conditions the skin with a rich hydrating effect.

Apply a thick, even coat on clean skin, avoiding the hairline, eye and lip area on clean skin.

After 20 minutes or when completely dry, peel off gently from the outside. Follow with a toner. Use once to twice a week.

*Usage Notes: Do not use if the skin is irritated due to sunburn. Be careful so that the mask does not drip when applying. If the product gets on clothing, immediately rinse off with lukewarm water. Close cap tightly after use. Please discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appears.

KOSE Mask White not only help me removes dead skin cells, clogged pores, dirt, sebum. I feel like my skin is really glowing.

What more? It brings me and my girlfriend closer to each other and made us love each other more! Love the way she apply for me and I enjoy putting for her too!

We have a great time helping each other puting on the mask! It's was our 1st time doing it together! So fun!

While waiting for the mask to complete drying, we lay down side by side on the mattress and some quiet time together to reflect on ourselves (The good and bad things we did...).

Thanks KOSE! I love KOSE!

Some more great moment to share with you all here...

This was taken with my best buddies Edison! We had great fun together that day! 1st time got guy apply for me lor... A bit shy...

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