My spectacle was lost at a restuarant

Oh my spectacle I left it at the a restuarant that day when eating with Jasmine. It was on the table....

Only after we left the restuarant, when we are walking to the train station then I realised I forgot to take it. I quickly gave the restuarant a call and inform them to keep for me.

One female staff answered to my call and said she found the spec and will keep for me.

A few days later, I went down and spoke to one of the staff to collect my spec. He said he wasn't aware of what happened and will check for me.

He went to the lost and found section and couldn't find my spec. He then took my number and said will check with the manager working on that day.

A few day passed again, he did not call me. I was so angry with the service I am getting.

I decided to make my way down and speak with the manager.

When I reach there, the manager spoke with me nicely and apologized that the spec couldn't be found and she will compensate me the cost of my spec.

I coudn't remember the cost of my spec and told her around 100-150. She then agreed to pay me $150.

I am impressed by the way she handle my case and being fair to me.