My big project with Edison

Ya recently spent sometime doing a project with my buddy, Edison. Special thanks to the camera lady, Michelle (Edison's gf) too!

Hmm detail of the project cannot say now wor... Confidential now....

Stay tune to my blog to see the "Wah" pictures soon k....

Cause I think you will never see us in that outfit in real life lor...

It was a great experience having to try out a different kind of role in life. At least I get to be once a.... Haha...

Well, ya I been a Policeman for real before... but this time with Edison, guess what role did we played for fun?

You guys will sure laugh lor! At least Michelle was the 1st to laugh when she saw us in that outfit! I would say our outfit was a success with quite a few other accessories to match.

Thanks to Michelle for taking her time out to help us in taking those wonderful pictures!

During the few days, we had lot of fun!

We went Ice3 at Serangoon Garden for our discussion and planning for the project on our 1st day. Quite disappointed that they do not have the Rum and Rasin Icecream which most of us like when we went there.

But the Brownie with Icecream and the cheessy fries was still very nice! (Michelle: that will not be our last time there anyway, hopefully next time we go there will have k.)

We had a great time chatting at Kovan, Hong Kong Cafe after our project.

And not forgetting the great intro by Edison on the Char Kway Tiao at Redhill! I love it! That will be on my Favourite Food List now.

Here is some photo which I think I can share for the time being...

The sweet couple Edison and Michelle and our yummy yummy Triple Flavours Ice Kachang (Strawberry, Red bean and Mango). This dessert was great for 3- 4 ppl to eat I think! The 3 of us couldn't finish it in the end lor... =p

And not forget to mention about their Cute White Bettle Car! I am the 1st Kiehl's boy to have the chance to sit on their car (Experience in both Edison's and Michelle's driving too)! They are very lovely and nice to send me home on a few occasion! I would say their driving skill was very good! They are both very safe driver! =)