Happy Mother's Day to all Mums! Stay young and pretty!

Like everyone else who think they have the best mum in the world. I have one who is not only the best but also a super mum!

Every morning, my mum will wake up very early and prepare breakfast for the family before going for her part time office cleaner job. Due to that, she slept less than 5 hours a day.

In the afternoon, she will come home and manage all the housework and prepare meals for the family. I would say she has never failed to be a good worker at her workplace and a good housewife at home. On top of all this, I have never heard her complaining of anything in her life before. She was very independent women who always do her best in everything. That was the attitude I really admired her.

Since I was young, my mum has always been a very thrifty woman unlike most women who loves shopping and not cook at home. My mum rather save all those money and spend on her children and make sure they have the best of everything. Even though my family doesn’t always go out and eat together, I can assure you that we always gathered together at our dinning table with my mum's delicious home-cooked food. And my mum's Nasi Lemak is the best!

My mum is also a very strict mum who disciplines her children with caning. I still remember there was one unforgettable incident whereby I hided and locked myself in the toilet when I was being canned for not doing my school’s homework. But I had never blamed her for canning me because her way of disciplining had brought me to the correct path and make what I am now.

“Mum, you had brought me this far and I’m now working as a marketing executive with stable income and I will definitely work hard and give you a better living life.”

“Mum, I also like to say thank you for always taking care and loving me unconditionally for the past 26 years. I am sorry if I had made you angry sometime and I definitely didn’t mean it as it’s hurt me when I see you angry or sad too. I really appreciate all the things that you had done for me and being there for me always. ”

“Your love for me is more than words can describe!”

“In this Mother's Day, I like to wish you pink of health and stay youthful always!"

"Happy Mother’s Day!”