Me and Jasmine attended the Peranakan Ball

The plot begins within the richest household in town, where Chor Chor Tan yearns to find an ideal lifetime partner for her beloved grandson Philip Tan (played by Dai Yang Tian).
With that, she decides to hold a ball and seeks the help of Yue Niang (played by Xiang yun) to help out with the preparation. Yue Niang empathizes with Bee Tin (played by Jeanette Aw), who is the maid of the household.
The moment she meets her, she feels an affinity with Bee Tin as she reminds her of her young self. She then imparts her fine culinary skills to Bee Tin, hoping to help her gain attention of Philip at the ball.
In the play, Dai acts as a Baba, differing greatly from his Japanese character in the drama serial. With that, Dai is like playing the role of with Pierre Png, who acted as a Baba in Little Nyonya.

Besides Aw, Dai and Xiang who acted in the drama serial, the rest of the cast includes Ann Kok, Chen Tai Ming, Ben Yeo, Huang Jiong Yao and Yang Jia Ying. Singer of Little Nyonya theme song, Olivia Ong is also invited to present the song live during the play.

And not forget to mention this three "actress" who made the play very funny with their drag performance. They are Chen Tai Ming, Huang Jiong Yao and Ben Yeo.

Spotted some of the invited "Little Nyonya" Actress sitting in front of me!

1)Tao Jie 2)Chor Chor 3)Nat Ho 4) Felicia

The stage

I would said is quite a wonderful performance cause it not easy for a lot of them who have no experience on stage play like this...

And most importantly it satisfy a lot of us to see Dai with Jennette together in the play as a happy ending....

I would said this play is like a Peranakan Cinderella story!

The song sang "Ru Yan" by Olivia kept repeating in my mind...

I love the song!



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