Swine Flu caused my HK trip to be cancelled

Supposed to be in HK today. But due to the Swine Flu, most of my friend decided not to go. But I would say HK is safe now, this is what I feel la...

Nevertheless, Samuel and Tricia still went and I felt sorry not being able to accompany them. Should be 9 of us going but end up left 2 of them... Is pretty sad I know....

But I still want to wish them have fun there and hope they take care of themselves there!

Guys, let plan something soon again k! Don't get disturb by that Swine Flu!

My tigerairaway ticket cannot be refunded!

So sad!

My $$$ gone just like that!



  1. Hi William. I also canceled my own trip to Japan because of swine flu. Swine flu continues to spread and now there are more infected people. Are you satisfied with your decision now? or you feel very sorry? I would like to know what you think now. If you have a chance to go to HK now, would you cancel it again?