ALICE IN WONDERLAND- My favourite character

My favourite character would be Alice.
I cannot help but love Alice.
She's the little girl who in all of us.

She's the girl who think she is able to take care for herself,
but young enough to have a great sense of adventure and also an intense curiosity of the the point of causing danger to herself!

She is brave and but at the same time shy too.
She is smart, but doesn't take her own advice (like most of us) is bold, yet humble.

She is such a girl!
She changes her mind from minute to minute, but all the while, trys her best to be lady like and cordial...

I just cannot help but make Alice my favorite character :)

P.S. If I had to choose another, I confess it would be the Cheshire Cat!

I have liked him very much as well :D
She is the cat with lots of a mystery but full of knowledge!!!

Here is something fun I did to share with everyone!!!
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I found out about this fun application while I was browsing through its website.
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So now enjoy some of my pictures!
Hope you don't find it disgusting....
Just for your laughter!!!
Am I the cutest Queen of all?

Am I pretty? =p

Oh no... I'm a fat boy with my twin bro!
Do we looked alike?

Another pretty lady here.... (Vain)

I'm alway puntual with this...

Do I look wise? =D

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