Dinner with Edison, my brother my good buddy!

It's great having to know this brother.
We had been through quite a lot... a lot of contests... haha...

Lot of good memories too! One of the best contest's prize we had won together was the Magnum icecream photo contest! It's a $1000 cashcard!
(View our winning photo here)

We also went for the "A New You" contest too where we shop for free with the shopping voucher given by Suntec City! It was quite a unforgetable experience for us.

I bet there will be many more to come bro!

For those who wanna try their luck for contests can bookmark this site which have lotsa contest to take part- http://www.contestempire.blogspot.com/

And ya was rather surprised to still recieve this kind of Chinese New Year Card.

The only New Year Card (Old version way) I received by post in my letter box this year.

Most of the people nowaday don't send such card.

They will send electronic nowaday....

This card was from Edison!

Thanks for taking the time and effort!

Thanks for treasuring our friendship as much as I do too!

We went to the Soup Restaurant a few days ago and had a good chat....

Sort of list down the new year resolution!

All the best brother!


Samsui Ginger Chicken
A traditional Samsui dish consumed by the Samsui women in Chinatown. Due to their low income, the Samsui Ginger Chicken was only consumed once a year, during the Chinese New Year. Chicken was steamed without much seasoning after which, dipped in ginger sauce before consumption. The ginger sauce is a fragrant and tasty compliment to the chicken. Ginger and sesame oil, as believed by the Chinese, removes excess wind from the body.

Hometown Tofu
This simple dish made of freshly handmade tofu bring back a taste of the simple life of the old Chinatown.

So this is how you eat the popular Samsui Chicken.
Put the chicken on the lettuce and add some ginger on top.

Wrap it up like this... and then you are all ready to enjoy the Samsui Chicken !

Taste marvelous!
The chicken is so tender and nice!