Plan your day at The Cathay shopping mall

Don't know where to spend a day?

Ok! Here is my recomendation!
The Cathay!
(Address: 2 Handy RoadSingapore 229233)

The Cathay will be a good choice!
The six-storey high shopping mall has all forms of entertainment, from intensive gaming, sumptuous dining experience, to shopping and more!

No doubt a great place you can spend your day.

So head down and experience it yourself today!

Before entering into The Cathay,

You may see this auspicious Chinese phrase at the entrance!

What does it mean?

"Jin Yu Man Tang" (้‡‘็Ž‰ๆปกๅ ‚)actually meaning roomful of gold and jade in Chinese!

Nice Chinese New Year Decoration!

Another view from the top floor!

Another view taken...
You can see the shopping mall is actually quite spacious
and nice to walk about unlike most of the other malls.
You can start off with gym training at Fitness First (#04-05) in the morning!

Have lunch at Astons (#04-03)!

They served not only quality food, they are also at affortable pricing too!

After lunch you can do some shopping at the shops there.
There is a (#01-01) shop for those who loves beachwears!

For music-lover, you can visit the Gramophone located at (#01-21/22/23).

For those game lovers, you may visit the E2MAX located at (#04-18/19/20) too!

E2Max is the latest and largest e-gaming haven for e-gaming enthusiasts

- seamless clusters of arenas all designed with the intention

to promote a healthy cyber yet competitive e-gaming environment.

You can also visit Adidas (#02-06/07) to get your sportwears!

For dinner, you can have it at
Thecathay restaurant (#02-01).

They served pretty good chinese cuisine food!

Lastly just before you go home, treat yourself to

a yummy icecream at Ben & Jerry (#02-12/14).

I just missed going back to The Cathay again....

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