Flooding Season Cropped Pant Fashion

Floods are in season and so is shortening your pant legs. I do not know who started this fashion trend but it is a fashion in Singapore these days if you noticed.

Well if you want to look stylo and trendy these day, shortening your jean by 1-3 inches.

For cotton canvas trouser- roll up 1 inch of cuff 3 times
For dark jean- roll up a single 2 inch cuff
For slightly looser pants like chinos- create a peg by pinching the fabric slightly at the front during the rolling process.

No formal shoes.

The roll up pant meant to look casual, so there is no need to roll so perfect and neat. The roll has to feel a bit unintentional.

You will noticed people folding up their pant in the video below too.
It is actually a fashion wearing cropped pant nowaday too.



  1. HAHA! get from uniqlo :D