Go on a Picnic with BreadTalk

Hmm... Have you ever go on a picnic before?
You can try it!

You can do something like what I did...

Prepare some nice coffee...
Grab some delicious buns from any of the BreakTalk stores as they have lots of choices to choose from!

One of my favourite buns is the Flosss from BreakTalk!

I also love to try out their other bun too. Like the one I'm holding now is the O’Sambal O’. So cute... It is wrapped with a leaf.

Ok let me introduce you to this 12 creative buns now!

You be surprised to know them!

Our signature in pork flosss & egg cream. 1 Flosss sold every 10 seconds worldwide. Have you flosssed today?

Terrorisingly hot! O’Sambal marks the opening of Peranakan Place with spicy prawn and cheese. Sedap!

“Jurassic Park 3” sales surged through the roof, so did our Dinosaur buns filled with diced chicken sausages.

A rendition of our signature Pork Flosss in celebration of IPO after 3 years. We herald a Bull Run!


A partnership with SingTel, our strawberry custard LuvBite shares its love with 30,000 underprivileged children.


9.0 raised $90,000 for the Indian Ocean Tsunami victims – in a chicken rendang creation topped with bonito flakes.


BreadTalk® was at the forefront for infusing K pop into our bread – KimCheese made headlines with kimchi & cheese.


At the Singapore Food Festival, Hairy Crab celebrated Singapore’s iconic dish and BreadTalk®’s Signature Pork Flosss.


Our humble creation to support Sichuan Earthquake victims. We raised $100,000 with this chocolate custard bun.


Ferraberri shares the first night race experience through a custard-filled croissant with strawberries & chocolate chiffon wheels!


Leonardo welcomes the world! Filled with Bak Kwa chunks, Leonardo is akin to our signature Pork Flosss with egg cream & pork flosss.


Merrily welcomes the world! A treat for seafood lovers with its tuna filling and nori seaweed flakes topping.


If there is something good... Share it!

So how can I missed out sharing delicious yummy buns with my buddy, Edison...

Share them with your friend
and family!

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