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Exclusive: All flavours listed on the Tea Empire Speciality Tea Series, the sugar level of the drink may be chosen.

Recommended Teenagers' choices:
-Blue Fantasy Soda Freeze (1883 Sirop Syrup, Sprite, Rainbow Jelly, Ice)
-Fresh Mango with pomelo (Pure mango juice, Ice, Pomelo fruit)
-Oreo and M&M with ice-cream (Condense milk, ice-cream, oreo, m&m)
-Mango Smoothie ( Ice-cream, Mango, Ice)

Recommended Adult's Choices:
-Grass Jelly Milk Tea (Homemade grass jelly, milk tea)
-Perilla Honey Green Tea (Reduces cancer risk, a beauty cultivating drink)
-Fresh passionfruit Black Tea

Other Flavours to consider:
-Strawberry Tango
-Yakult Green Tea
-Coffee M&M
-Sour Green Apple Soda Freeze

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