Resort World Sentosa Crane Dance- World's Tallest Dancing Animatronics Show

This Christmas Day where to go?
Why not visit the Resort World Sentosa (RWS) as there is a new attraction.

The Crane Dance is the resort world's newest waterfront show that involves two cranes, each as tall as a 10-storey building.

It can be also known as the world's tallest dancing animatronics show and because of it scale, viewers can view them even from across the waterfront of VivoCity,

The show will involve a slew of digital art, LED displays, light and water effects, pyrotechnics as well as an original score.

The cranes is made almost entirely of steel and weigh some 80 tonnes each.
Despite their weight, the whole performance is still dexterous and graceful when they mimic the birds' courtship dance ritual in the wild.

Developed over 36 months, the show was created by four-time Emmy Award Winner Jeremy Railton, who has designed many live concert stages for international performers, including Diana Ross and the late Michael Jackson.

"I wanted to ensure that not only was it going to be iconic headliner, it had to resonate with Asian influences, yet touching the heart of an international audience through a simple story of love," Mr railton said.

Don't miss this free nightly spectacle at RWS' waterfront debuts on Christmas Day!

Here are some videos I found in Youtube: