Korea Day 1 & 2 ( 6 & 7th May 2013)- Sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization Singapore

Thanks Korea Tourism Organization for sponsoring my & Shannon for this 8D6N Gyeonggi-do Province + Seoul (6-13 May 2013)! 
It was my 1st time to Korea! Korea had always be on my top list of places to travel and yes finally I get the chance to go and we stayed in Fraser Place Central Seoul.

Thanks CK & HP for sending us off that day at the Singapore Airport.

We took the Asiana Airline and it was quite comfortable!

This was what I did when I was so excited to go Korea!!!
I had Bibimbap on the plane! 
Love the Gochujang Sauce mixed with rice, beef, & veggies!

Finally reached Korea- Incheon Airport!
We are so lucky to be on time to catch this beautiful Sunrise!!!

This is a very important place you must go at the Incheon Airport.
Lookout for S Roaming to get your WCDMA USIM CARD (1Gb Usage) for 66,000 won.

More info:

Like seriously why the Dunkin Donut in Korea is so CUTE!!!
Don't think Singapore have this... Sad...

We bought an Airport Bus Tickets (10,000won)  from the Airport Bus Counter at Incheon Airport Arrival Hall, Level 1 to go to our hotel- Fraser Place Central Seoul.
Bus number: 6005, First Bus: 0615, interval: 40~45 mins, travelling time: 1 hour

Bus is here, we loaded our luggage and took about an hour plus journey to our hotel.

Finally reached Fraser Place Central Seoul!!!

Checked in to my room! Wow it was really nice!!!
It was a One Bedroom Super Deluxe residence and I stayed 6 night alone here!
The place was so well equipped that I wished it was my house. There was washing machine, big fridge, 2 toilets, big bed, sofa, coffee maker, iron and also cooking stove! Not forgeting a welcome fruits basket to welcome the guests! I feel so pampered!!! 

The hotel service overall was excellent too and I strongly encourage my friends and readers to stay here.

More info of the hotel:

 After taking a short break in the hotel, we walked out way to Seodaemun train station to take train to Lake Park, Goyang-Si for the International Horticulture Goyang Korea 2013 Exhibition (고양국제꽃박람회).

We bought our tickets and proceed from Seodaemun (Line 5, Macheon bound)àJongno 3-ga (Transfer from Line 5 to 3, Daehwa bound)àJeongbalsan (Line 3, 3rd last station).

This was the single trip tickets we bought but there is another one which is much better called the Pop Card which we bought later.

Yes this is the  Tmoney POPCARD which can be used for transportation (bus & train) in Korea and save money. Get them at convenience store for 2500 Won (without value). You may choose to top up any amount thereafter.

And here we are at the 
International Horticulture Goyang Korea 2013 Exhibition (고양국제꽃박람회).
The exhibition lasted for 16days from 2013.4.27(Sat) ~ 5.12(Sun) at Lake Park, Goyang-Si.
There is lot of flower photography opportunities.
Family can spend time with their family here looking and taking photo of the beautiful flowers.

More info:

Spotted a pair of lovely old couple holding hands and walking down the pavement. So sweet!!!

Beautiful tulips all over the place. I can swear the sight is more than this picture you are seeing! =)

GWIYOMI!!!! Acting CUTE!!! =p

So CUTE! they have this at the park for the pet owner to clear the poo poo of their pets.

Korean Kids on school excursion I guessing...

Plant lovers can also buy some potted plants back home.

I love everything about Korean! Everything seem so beautiful!!!

I don't remember the name of this beautiful purple flowers.

That is what I call a good family bonding time!
Picnic in the nature. 
Teachers holding their students to tour the exhibition. So CUTE!!!

Couldn't help it not taking photo with the beautiful flowers...
So asked Shannon to help me to take this photo. Thanks

Police Mascot walking around the exihibition!
So CUTE right!

If only I have a garden like this in front of house, I can always go down and take a walk.

We also spotted pretty Butterfly and Bee! lol!

This Korean Boy is super CUTE! He just dashed in front my camera and lucky I was fast enough to capture this shot! You know la... It is not easy to capture photo of kids especially they like to run around.

We also visited the New Hallyu Gallery just around the Lake Park, in Goyang.

I took photo with Rain in Bear version! LOL!

Teddy bears for sale.

Take some photo of yourself in Korean Student dressing if you want... It's FREE!

We went to walk a 3D show at the theater there too.

On my way walking to One Mount!

That's One Mount!
This mall is really big, you can find shopping and also Water Park & Snow Park!
You can easily walk from Juyeop Station to One Mount.

More info:

OneMount is the country’s largest indoor snow park and its third-largest water park. The facility includes an indoor and outdoor water park with 18 pools, nine slides and a beach with five kinds of waves.

We went to the Snow Park!
 The snow park features an ice lake, seven themed caves and an ice road. 
The complex also includes beauty and sports facilities.

It's really FREEZING here! I'm shivering when taking this photo!

Playing with the ice!



Me & Shannon!

This dog is so beautiful! Furry white! So HUGGABLE right!

We went on a HUSKY RIDE!!!

Western Dom & Lafesta (웨스턴돔 & 라페스타)
Over here you can find restaurants, fashion wear and also cosmetics products.

Fliming location of Dream High: 
The Jaksal Chicken by Kim Hyun Joong 
(113-4, Block A, Western Dom) 
3.30pm to 4am. 

It was Mother's Day that day and you can see people selling beautiful flowers in baskets everywhere!


That was the last stop of the day. I hope you all enjoy reading my post and stay tuned for more exciting post coming up!

Day 3:
Panmunjom/ DMZ combined tour, Gwangjang Market (광장시장)
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Day 4:
Nami Island (남이섬), Petite France (쁘띠프랑스), Dinner: Shindang-dong Mabokrim Grandma Tteokbokki
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Day 5:
 Yongmun Five-day Market (용문전통시장), Yangpyeong Railbike (양평레일바이크), Strawberry Picking, Dinner at Gureum Cafe (구름가페)
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Day 6:
 Apgujeong Rodeo Street (압구정 로데오 거리), Cheongdamdong (청담동거리),  Shopping at Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade  (강남 고속터미널 지하강가)
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Day 7 & 8:
 Seoul City Tour Bus (City Circulation Tour), Bimbap (Korean Non-verbal Performance), Hongik Uni Shopping Street (홍대)
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For more infomation on Korea:



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