Download AVERSION today!!!

Hi everyone!!!
Today I am going to introduce this new game called AVERSION!!!

You must be wondering what’s so special about this game! Well, this is a new game I’ve recently explored that was launched on 7 May 2015 by Jackie Chan! It serves as a good source of knowledge for those who are interested to get educated about drugs!

What I like most about this game is its educational benefits offered to those who are ignorant of the serious damage drugs do to them. The engaging part which deepens the understanding of drugs happens when you collide with the drugs during the game! Different drugs produce different kinds of effects, and this game has reflected it very well!!! However, it is not cool to suffer from the harmful effects of drug abuse!

My following segment provides screenshots I took while playing different stages of the game. It’s really fun!

Just a brief overview, the character you’ll be taking after is called, ‘The Eye’. You are supposed to navigate it around to avoid the enemies (drugs)!!! To do so, simply tap on the screen to move left or right!!!

P.S Fret not guys, the mobile app itself offers a guide for first timers to enhance your first-hand experience! 

To jump, simply tap, drag and then release on the screen.

Your role is very simple! Just guide the avatar safely to the exit portal! If you managed to avoid the enemies (Drugs) completely, you have cleared 1 stage and you can advance to the next one with maximum stars (3 out of 3)!!! However, you will lose a life if you get in contact with a drug character.
Examples of getting into contact with Drugs!!!

If you managed to avoid the enermies (“Drugs”), you will advance to the next stage!

DISTORTION!!! That happens if you accidentally contacted certain enemies! The effects are extremely alike to real life scenarios! Play the game to experience how blurry your eyes can get, following the effects of the game! 

Another effect from getting into contact with the enemies, which once again, gets so real during the game!
The takeaway from this game comes when prompt messages pop up to inform you on what kind of effect you will get when you come into contact with the drugs in reality! It’s really interesting and educational! 

Aversion offers a total of 5 stages with 8 levels of increasing difficulty to overcome in each stage. 

Your role in the game is to complete ALL stages, Save the Eye from getting into contact with the Enemies, AND Understand how Harmful Drugs is!!! 

This is a Single Player and Non­ Score Based game. SHOW OFF your skills by earning Achievements! (P.S You might stand to win attractive prizes! Read on for more information)

Personally, I feel that this is a great way for everyone to pick up some useful knowledge about drugs through this fun game. For people looking to kill time with mobile games, I strongly recommend downloading this to play! The level of concentration required to pass every stage requires FULL CONCENTRATION.

Most importantly, we already know that drugs cause unimaginable harm to ourselves, our families and the society!

BUT! Why do young people still take drugs? I believe the first cause is due to curiosity. Many teens have heard about drugs, and they are curious to experience it for themselves. One wrong and common misperception is that drugs are fun. Youths should understand the long-term negative effects of drug abuse and not risk their bright futures.

DRUGS have more harmful effects than you can ever imagine. For more information, you can read from the Gallery section located at the Home Page as it reveals a detailed elaboration on the common drugs of abuse and their dangers. 

But they are TOTALLY WRONG!!!
DRUGS have more harmful effect than you actually think in fact.

The game application is available for free downloads on both GOOGLE PLAY Store and APPLE APP Store today!!!

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