iFly Launches its Sky Garden

In celebration of its 4th anniversary, iFly launches its Sky Garden!

It's the perfect venue space for weddings and corporate events, not to mention the beachfront scenery view it offers with nightly fireworks and beautiful sunsets. Here at the Sky Garden, there is both an indoor and outdoor space available, making it the ideal place for holding wedding ceremonies followed by lunches or dinners.

Just look at all the decoration! Isn't it just pretty?

There is also an open-air rooftop lawn which allows for customisation. During this occasion, there are seats in place for a more corporate and networking kind of feel. It was an enjoyable night dining out here in this open space, as we watched fireworks go off. We were also greeted with a marvellous view of the sea and the bright city lights, not to mention the breathtaking view of Sentosa from up here. 

The venue offers a sprawling outdoor terrace and bar which has this relaxing ambience and atmosphere to it as one helps himself to the drinks. 

Our food for the night was provided by Rasel catering and Purple Sage group, known for their exquisite flavours and unique catering service. Couldn't help but go back for second round with their awesome food. If you are looking for catering services that offer a creative touch to their dishes, look no further. You will be impressed with what they have to offer. 

In celebration of its 4th anniversary and to commemorate the nation's 50th birthday, the iFly team attempted to break 5 Guinness World Records.
  • Most passes through a hula hoop in a wind tunnel in 1 minute
  • Most 360 horizontal spins in a wind tunnel in 1 minute
  • Most 2-way verticals in 1 minute
  • Most forward/backward movements in a wind tunnel in 1 minute
  • Most skydiving wind tunnel verticals in 1 minute
Congratulations to iFly! That's a lot of records broken.

The attraction is on level 5 of the iFly building in Sentosa, Beachfront station. You simply can't miss 
it. If you are keen to secure the space for your next dream event, click here or call 65710000. 

iFly Sky Garden
43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01 Singapore 099010

Writer: Samuel Low