Singapore's first-ever frozen custard store! More healthier than the usual gelato or hard scoop icecream!

Have you check out the newest dessert store- Density at Selegie area?
So what is unique about this place? Density is the first-ever frozen custard store in Singapore, bringing the 100-year-old traditional super-premium ice-cream from U.S.A to our shores.

What is the difference between Density's frozen custard and other ice-cream store?
Frozen custards are velvety smooth and lusciously creamy, lower in calories and sugar, and they are made with natural ingredients such as milk, cream and egg.

The cafe's owner named this place as "Density" because...
 Density describes the low levels of air incorporated into the making of frozen custard, which in turn allows less use of sugar and more of the 'good stuff'.

Taking inspiration from the bustling boardwalk of Coney Island, New York City, from where frozen custard was first served, the 800 sqft shophouse store features elements of the amusement park with a life nuoy feature and wall murals depicting its origins.

Sporting an industrial-chic look with grey cement flooring and walls, lowly hung light bulbs and refurbished metal furniture from a vintage store, the interior décor draws its inspiration from the industriall look  of the Chicago 1933 World's Fair, which introduced frozen custard to the greater public.

Who started the company- Density and how did it came about?

An entity of Frozen Custard Pte Ltd, Density is operated by a Singaporean brother-sister team- J.R Wong and his younger sister, Sherlyn Wong. Graduates from the University of Illinois and the University of Melbourne respectively, the siblings had previously worked at their family business, WITS Foods International, which manufactures and supplies spices worldwide. The launch of Densiry Frozen Custrard marks the company's venture into the food & beverage retail sector.

J.R. was studying for his degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois and he discovered the local favourite frozen custard dessert. Blown away by the perfect balance of the fresh, rich and creamy texture of the ice-cream, the food enthusiast instantaneously made it his mission to bring frozen custard to Singapore someday.

After graduation, a search for ice-cream to cool off the sweltering local heat in Singapore, reminded J.r. of that ethereal gourmet experience. Through initially sceptical at her brother's ravings, which she thought was probably exaggerated, Sherlyn's curiosity got the better of her.

Before they knew it, the sibling were off on an epic journey, to discover the world of frozen custard. The trip to the U.S.A took them across three states in the Midwest, where they sampled from over 50 frozen custard shops , and visited numerous suppliers to source for the best ingredients. The duo also attended a course at the Frozen Dessert Institute of America where they learnt first-hand about the business, from industry suppliers.

Frozen Custard, a Super-Premium Ice-cream
USDA ( US Department of Agriculture) categorised the frozen custard as a Super-premium ice-cream, with its extremely low overrun and high butterfat content (10% -similar to typical ice-creams, which rnges from 10-16%). Frozen custard is made using only the best ingredients. The low overrun is made possible through the unique churning process during the manufacturing of frozen custard. It is a finicky process of integrating as little air as possible to achieve superior texture and mouth feel, and the overrun (percentage increase in volume after air incorporation) ranges from as low as 10-20% in frozen custard. In comparison, this is significantly lower than other froms of frozen desserts: 25-45 in a premium gelato, 25-65% in a typical premium/gourmet hard scoop ice-cream and 40-110% in soft serves and frozen yoghurt.

Because of its low overrun and high butterfat content, there is also less need of sugar. This makes the frozen custard a healthier dessert choice, as it is lower in calories and sugar, and uses natural ingredients such as milk and egg yolks.

Also to qualify as a frozen custard, there must be at least 1.4% of egg yolk in its final product- the nutrititious egg yolk is a natural stabiliser, used in place of gelation and other artificial stabilisers, to support the structure and maintain the shape of the ice-cream.

Churned slowly with a continuous freezer instead of the batch freezer used for other ice-creams such as hard-scoops and gelatos, frozen custard is the freshest possible ice-cream. Rapidly freezing within the barrel, it can be ready within short minutes from entering the machine. This is unlike the batch-churned ice-creams that still has to be frozen for hours or days before it reaches its consumable consistency.

Frozen Custard VS Frozen Yogurt
Density's frozen custard contains only half the amount of sugar of a regular frozen yogurt and much of the sweetness of Density's frozen custard comes from the natural sweetness of the premium fresh mil and cream used.

There are quite an extensive range of toppings to cater to all tastes- from the standard berries, cookies crumbs and nut, to the seasonal and limited range of imported produces and cereals.

Frozen Custard
Single scoop- SGD4
Double scoops- SGD7
Triple scoops- SGD9.5

Toppings- SGD1
Sauce- SGD0.50

Double with 2 toppings & sauce- SGD9
Triple with 3 toppings & 2 sauces- SGD11.5

Double with 2 toppings & sauce- SGD9

Single with 2 espresso shots- SGD7.50

Specialty Coffee
Espresso- SGD3.50
Additional shot- SGD1
White- SGD4.5
Black- SGD4.5
Hot Fudge Mocha- SGD5
Milkshakes- SGD8.50
Floats- SGD5.5

Our team created "Garden by the Bay" with Density's frozen custard!

Exclusive 10% discount to all my readers and followers
To enjoy this exclusive 10% discount, simply flash this blog post to the staff when ordering.
And for those who is ordering the sundae 'Gardens by the Bay' (designed by my team) will be entitled to an additional 5% discount (until the end of July 2015 ).

Density Frozen Custard
Address: 4 Short Street, Singapore 188212 (Just beside the Rochor Beancurd Store)
Opening hours: 12pm-12am daily
Telephone: +65 62687918

Instagram: | #densityfrozencustard



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