Our Better World, join the Marine Discovery Dive 2016 & be the one to touch the hearts of the less fortunate today!!!

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Every year, a group of people with disabilities will be accompanied by volunteers..

To embark on an awesome journey, one that will definitely bring tears to your eyes

An inspirational video on how the disabled can't walk but they definitely can dive
as the disabled are free underwater

Encouragements can boost the confidence of one's fear, take that extra mile to guide those in need and you'll realize the wonders you could do to the hearts of many who really need it.

After looking at how the instructors, who are volunteers for such a heart-warming cause, has shown kindness, patience and dedication in ensuring that each and every one of them will not only have fun but also enjoy the freedom to roam in the sea; something that they could never experience on land. The smiles on their faces were simply so vivid, which shows how one's little actions can impact their lives so much.

They may be scared at the start, but a little push of encouragement by the instructors could do a whole lot of goodness in giving them the courage to strive for something they once thought they could never achieve.

Those who are disabled and lost the ability to walk are still as beautiful as the fishes around as they are all the same, they all cannot stand ..

The instructors told Sharon that they were same as the fishes as they all could not stand. I personally feel that this words were the sweetest analogy to give them the courage to persevere on with life. They may not be able to walk, but they are still beautiful and capable in exploring and enjoying the fruits of life.

To Sharon, this is something she really enjoyed as she really felt the true meaning of being free

We all have our flaws in life but what is worst as compared to being disabled, which has caused them to lose an opportunity to feel free to move about without being bounded by a wheel chair. In my opinion, there wouldn't be a better way then to let them experience the freedom to roam in water so that could be encouraged into feeling more positive in life.

Fear may always be there, but encouragement will definitely outweigh that feeling, and push you forward to your dreams

Things may all seem so easy on the surface but in fact it's even more difficult to overcome one's fear due to the traumatic experience that they've encountered throughout their lives. It's never too late to do a good deed as being able to volunteer for such a cause, is simply worth every single second of your life.

These experiences are definitely something that one can never expect to feel in life, especially when feeling the warmth, determination and touching moments that you'll gain from such an inspirational and memorable journey with the disabled people.

The enjoyment is not the only thing that they see, it's the experiential journey of being loved and cared by those around them, which makes them feel secure, warmth and appreciated

They may have never been able to go on such a journey, without the help of those who have been consistently supporting this programme each year.

In the eyes of their instructors, they are simply amazing people

They are amazing people, which should be treated equally. I feel that we all should do out part in welcoming them by making sure that they feel that their existence were more of special than a burden. Thus, being able to guide them in this journey, would definitely make them feel a sense of belonging in life.

Disabilities are definitely special, so treat them equally and love them with your heart wholeheartedly

They may be different, but they do feel appreciative of what the volunteers did for them. That is why you should not hesitate anymore and just head down to be a volunteer today and you could do your part to be the one that impacts their lives.

If you're considering to be an instructor, you are special too, as all of the instructors, helpers and everyone on board on this journey is special enough to feel compassionate in helping others in need.

You can be an awesome instructor and do a good deed today too

Enjoy and take them on a journey like never before

Even the people who may seem to have it rough can still be some of the happiest and outgoing people there are!

In my opinion, the ability to do good, boils down to each individual's compassionate heart. That extra mile taken to guide the less fortunate is the one that will be the greatest gift that one could ever give to them.

The Marine Discovery Dive 2016 is open to volunteers (those who dive and those who don't) and persons with disabilities from around the world. Training is provided. Find out more about the story and how you can help at this link.

'This post has been presented by Singapore International Foundation, but all thoughts and opinions are my own."



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