Collect all 3 Limited Edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog T-shirts & Support Exclusively Mongrels

Did you know that the iconic local moniker – Ang Ji Gao (Red Tongue Dog) first arrived on our shores in the 1860s? 

The term Ang Ji Gao was coined by the local distributors who identified Guinness shipment crates by the emblem used then – which resembled an Ang Ji Gao. Since then, the Ang Ji Gao has been a symbol of bravery, understood within the local culture. 

For the first time ever, Guinness is celebrating the Year of the Dog by inspiring Singaporeans to spread some love to mongrels, our very own Ang Ji Gaos that are looking for a home, by raising funds to support Exclusively Mongrels

In partnership with three local artists, Rachele Ho, Larry Peh and Band of Doodlers, these artists have put their creative spin on the Ang Ji Gao and their designs have been printed on limited-edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog t-shirts. 

Guinness fans can ‘adopt’ a Red Tongue Dog with every purchase of a Guinness CNY Bundle (24-Can Pack Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Limited Edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog T-shirt) from RedMart at S$85.40. 

T-shirt designed by Meyyen, for Band of Doodlers
T-shirt designed by Rachele Ho, an illustrator based in Singapore.
T-shirt designed by Larry Peh, President's Design Award winner

Guinness will donate the full price of the t-shirt (S$14.80) to Exclusively Mongrels for every CNY Bundle sold. The Limited Edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog T-shirts will be launched in sequence from 5 January 2018 while stocks last, starting with the design by Rachele Ho. 

Consumers can also purchase these Limited Edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog T-shirts directly with Exclusively Mongrels at their adoption drives.

Start collect all 3 Limited Edition Guinness Red Tongue Dog T-shirts at RedMart  today!



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