Things you should know about Liposuction Surgery

A few months ago, I did Liposuction with Dr. Martin Huang at MH Plastic Surgery in Singapore. Many people have been asking me what is Liposuction and what does it really do.
So today, I'm going to share all the low-down on Liposuction to let you have a better idea.

Can Liposuction help me lose weight?
Liposuction is not a weight loss technique. It is a sculpting procedure. They do remove fat, which has some weight to it, but it is never as dramatic as you would think. For example, one may drop 2 pant sizes, but not lose much weight.

What do you need to prepare for the operation?
You are advised not to eat or drink after midnight, and strictly no alcohol.

Do I have to be hospitalised?
For my case, it was a day surgery so I can go home to rest after the surgery.

Was there any discomfort after the surgery?
You may feel some pain, numbness, and swelling after the surgery. You will be given painkillers to ease the discomfort. It's normal to feel numbness and pain, and have a tingling sensation, for a few weeks post-op. You may also experience swelling and bruising during this time.

How was the after-care like?
I was allowed to go home and rest after the procedure on D-day. There wasn't much after-care except that I had to put on the elastic compression garment over my body for the next 1-2 months. I didn’t mind this because I could remove the compression garment for my showers.

Do you have to follow up with other treatments at the clinic post-surgery?
Yes, Dr Huang recommended me to go back to the clinic for Indiba treatments which can help to speed up the recovery.

How long did it take before I can see visible results? 
Am I satisfied with the results?
In fact, I could see immediate results right after the surgery. Despite the bruises and swelling after the treatment, I can tell that my tummy is so much smaller and Dr Huang said that it will get smaller over the next few months.

What advice would I give to my readers who are contemplating on going for liposuction?
I would say that it is of utmost importance to choose the right doctor. Someone who you are comfortable with and who can guide you through your decision-making process.

Can you exercise after surgery?
Yes, you can start exercising one month after the surgery.

If you are doing liposuction on the tummy area, does it help to slim down other areas too?
The answer is no. Liposuction only works on the targeted area.

Who is a suitable candidate for Liposuction?
As long as you have excess fat, you can consult the doctor to see if you qualify. Doctors do not use any minimum weight as a yardstick to qualify you for liposuction.

How long will the recovery take?
For full recovery, it usually takes up to 6 months depending on the individual.

Before Surgery

With my big tummy…

That is how much FAT I have!


1st Day- Wearing the compression garment.

5th Day- Frontal view

You can see some swelling and bruises here.

5th Day- Left Side View

5th Day- Right Side View
The bruises got a bit worse but it is normal.

11th Day - Front view

Still recovering and can see the bruises is not so bad already.

11th Day - Right Side View

11th Day - Left Side View

17th Day- Front View

Much better and almost fully recovered.

17th Day- Right Side View
17th Day- Left Side View

60th Day- Frontal View

My advice:

If you are considering doing Liposuction, do note that you will still need to watch your diet and exercise regularly to maintain your shape after your surgery.

Watch my video below for more details.



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