Relax in Style with Creative Cocktails by Vladyslav Buzko (Ukrainian-born Head Mixologist at Elixir Bar)

If you are seeking a night out with friends for a talk, and enjoy a cocktail in a comfortable environment, check out Elixir Bar, a Bespoke cocktail bar in a multi-concept F&B space in the heart of Orchard.

Helming Elixir Bar as its head mixologist is Vladyslav Buzko, a 24-year-old Ukrainian who relocated to Singapore less than a year ago. Since 2016, Vlad has participated in competitions such as the Marie Brizard UAE Cocktail Championship, Monin Cup 2016 UAE and Chivas Master 2017, emerging as one of the final contenders in all three competitions.

We had a chat with the handsome mixologist behind the bar’s alchemy-inspired cocktails, and find out a little bit more about what goes behind the scene and what are some of the plans he have for Elixir Bar menu.

What inspired you to be a bartender? 
I started as a waiter in my 1st year in University. That’s when I started noticing and admiring the passion that bartenders put in their work to make it so enjoyable and fun. Also, my experience as a cook isn’t as fun as I realised that I enjoy communicating with the guests and yet I was unable to do so when I’m working in the kitchen. Eventually, I decided to join the bar-school and started working as a bartender at the age of 19 years old.

What have you learned along the way? 
Oh! I’ve learnt plenty in my career. Mostly about different types of liquors, providing great services and also a bit of insight into the psychology of people. 

Most interestingly, I get to speak to the guest and understand the story of his/her life.

Where have you worked before? Who are your mentors?

Apart from my working experience in Ukraine, I’ve worked at Doha St. Regis 5 star hotel in Qatar. I then move to Dubai and worked in Four Seasons DIFC as a member of their preopening team. My one and only mentor was Mario Farulla, Italian mixologist. He has a great sense of humour and service standard.

What is the most important skill a bartender should have?
I believe that the most important skill that a bartender should have is social skills. It involves being friendly, polite, funny, empathise, communicable and many more..

What's your cocktail-making style in in three words? 
     Listen-Shake-Serve =)
The most important factor is to understand what your guests need. Even if u failed once, don’t be discouraged. For example, there is no perfect mojito that can satisfy everyone. Some might find it too sweet while others will find it too sour or lacking of alcohol content. So, I strongly believe in understanding each guest’s feedback and modify the drink to satisfy him/her.

Your cocktails have very creative names. How do you come up with them?
I get the inspiration from the bar name, Elixir bar. Therefore, my menu is based on mythology and magic potion. The link between name and menu is what makes this place special. So, if you feel that you need magical power or potions, come down to Elixir bar.

What trends have you spotted in cocktails?
I think it will be liquid food and we might be having that soon! We are looking to create interesting drinks that are infused with Asian flavours such as Tom Yam or Chicken Rice Mocktails.

What are your plans for Elixir Bar menu?
We have just launched the new Elixir Bar menu and I’m collecting more feedbacks from the guests at the moment. I’m thinking of adding new potions relating to new mythological Gods in my menu.

Where do you head on your night off?
After I finished my work, the only one place waiting for me is my bed.
Na… I’m joking! I’ll usually visit different bars and clubs after work. So, catch me around town!

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Elixir Bar at KUVO 
321 Orchard Road, #02-01, Orchard Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238866
View in Google map

Phone: 6733-8272
Area: Orchard

Opening hours:
Sun-Thu noon-1am;
Fri-Sat noon-2am
(Nearest train Somerset)



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