Goodbye to old water heater and Hello to my New Ariston's instant water heater

After a long day at work, sometime all I need is a good shower!
The feeling of warm water on the head just feel so good (Don't you agree?). 

I'm someone who enjoys hot shower because it can relieve tension and soothe stiff muscles.
 Since having access to hot water is important, it’s important to have a good water heater right?

Saying goodbye to my old instant water heater and welcoming my new instant water heaters.
Judging from the look, you can tell they have been with me for several year. One is actually a bit faulty and can't really control the water temperture already.

This is the Aures Luxury ($299 without installation).  

What I like about my new water heater? 
It's sleek and elegant in design. It can memorise up to three shower profile. For instant, my dad and I loves hotter water and we can share one of the shower profile, while my sister and mum loves it at 28 degree celsius and they can take the other profile. The water heater also comes with features like the anti-scalding system and total safety system. The soft-touch interface makes control of temperture so much easy. Now I can control everything with just one touch.

For the master bedroom's toilet, I've installed the AURES Luxury Round RT33 ($329 without installation ).

This is Singapore’s first round shaped instant water heaters and now available for sale in stores! 

Same like the above instant water heater,  the AURES Luxury Round RT33 can also memorise up to three shower profile. With features like the anti-scalding system, total safety system and soft-touch interface.

Want to know how you can save on your utility bills?
Well, all Ariston Instant Water Heaters comes with Constant Temperature technology are the only series of water heaters to be certified with at least 16.4% in energy consumption by PSB Singapore.

Enjoy a functional, stunning and bespoke showering experience with Ariston today!
For a limited time offer, you will receive FREE GIFT with any purchase of these Instant Water Heater!

Check out today!



  1. The hot water requirement varies across households, mainly attributable to a number of people living in a particular setup and the various activities for which hot water is used like, for doing dishes, shower, laundry etc.