Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant: Chinese New Year specials for family reunion

On this Chinese New Year, Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant presents to you the limited edition delectable spread of festive food while you dine with the one and only panoramic 360 degrees seafront view.

Starting the new year right off the bat with the celebratory Prosperity Yu Sheng as we exchange blessings and good tidings to a wealthy good year!

Only in this celebratory season of the Lunar New Year, Sautéed Bird's Nest with Egg White is a dish that everyone is on a look out for! This dish left me wanting for more. On a norm, bird nest is served chilled but, in this instance, it is a good blend of a lukewarm creamy bird’s nest with fluffy egg whites.

A hot favourite for many and not to be missed out is the fan-favourite Fortune Pot in Peking Style. With a mixture of 16 kinds of different ingredients in the fortune pot, it boosts the flavour of the broth. This was no doubt one of the flavourful food I have ever tasted, a great deal of 5 hours was spent sitting over a fire.

Next up, this flavour is quite familiar to what we have eaten in the childhood! Instead of pork, fresh whole scallops was pan fried till golden brown and it comprises of a mixture of sweet, salty and spicy sauce.

Fatt choy is a must have in Chinese New Year, 每年都会旺! Prepared with fish maw and braised pig’s trotters, it infused the taste perfectly as one indulged with a wholesome feel.

It ends with a bang with the candied mashed potato and rice pudding. Whenever I missed the childhood, the first thing I would think about is 冰糖葫芦. Candy malt is wrapped around the mashed potato which there is a hidden gem – red date inside! Rice pudding screams “eat more”, as it combines red bean, peanut and glutinous rice.

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